An Inconvenient Truth About Millionaires and Billionaires

Millionaires and billionaires. Generally speaking, the most successful among us. The left likes to use the term to denote something evil. Hillary Clinton likes to use the term despite the fact she is a millionaire (yet claims to have been broke in 2001).

“Millionaires and billionaires” joined the lexicon during George W. Bush’s administration. The left used the term to describe recipients of a tax cut Bush championed. That tax cut was across the board for all taxpayers. Since the wealthy pay most of the taxes, yeah, they got the biggest tax cut. If you didn’t pay any taxes, you didn’t get a tax cut. You don’t have to be Phi Beta Kappa to figure that out.

Now Hillary uses the term to describe benefactors of Donald Trump’s tax proposal. She complains Trump would give a tax cut to himself and his millionaire and billionaire friends.

The hidden message here is you are poor because somebody else is rich. It’s the old class warfare card, one of the Democrats’ favorite strategies. Divide and conquer. Rich vs poor, black vs white, man vs woman, etc. Identity politics. Democrats like to put groups of people in boxes and address the boxes separately. They don’t like to treat everyone the same. That’s not fair.


The left wants to use tax laws to punish the rich. Hard work and achievement must be penalized while laziness is rewarded. Democrats strive for “fairness” by demanding more equal outcomes. In other words, shrink the pay gap between CEO’s and cashiers within the same company. Of course the biggest factor in determining outcome is effort, and human nature prevents equal effort. Somehow liberals always manage to miss that point.

Short of stuffing it in their mattress, burying it in the backyard or giving it to government in taxes, whatever millionaires and billionaires do with their money benefits everyone. Buy a yacht and a Gulfstream 6 – blue collar jobs. Put it into banks – money for car loans, mortgages and other types of loans. Invest in Wall Street – capital for companies to expand and create new jobs. Municipal bonds – provides money to government for roads, bridges, convention centers and other public projects.

None of these are bad. It’s all good.

It is the folks working in those factories and in those expanding companies. It is the folks buying cars, getting mortgages and starting small businesses. It is the folks building the bridges, highways and convention centers. Union. Non-union. All skin colors. Men and women. All orientations. Everyone benefits because there are millionaires and billionaires. Beware of anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

So the next time you hear Hillary or one of her mouthpieces squawking about millionaires and billionaires, implying they are the reason you are not rich, your BS meter should be pegging in the red.