Same Decision: Bush bad, Obama good

As Donald Trump toured the devastation in Louisiana to get a firsthand account of the incredible hardships the residents are having to go through, Barrack Obama played golf on Martha’s Vineyard. Bad optics. Really bad optics.

Obama apologists were in the media today saying that a Presidential motorcade would be too disruptive to the ongoing relief efforts taking place there. Obama gets a pass.

Now let us turn back the clock to 2005. Hurricane Katrina has just destroyed the gulf coast. George W. Bush, flying from someplace else to someplace else, flew over the ravaged area. He did not land. A photograph went viral of him looking out a window of Air Force One, looking back at New Orleans as he flew by. The left became completely unhinged. That uncaring, cold-hearted disconnected monster Bush just flew by without stopping! What a dispassionate, unsympathetic schmuck! Even an unknown senator from Illinois named Barrack Hussein Obama joined the chorus of criticism.


Bush later wrote in his book that had he suddenly dropped out of the sky and landed, local officials would have felt obligated to rush out to the airport to greet the President, and Bush felt a better use of those local officials’ time was working with the citizens. Bush did admit he probably should have turned around and landed at Baton Rouge to see if he could find any state officials to work with.

But Bush took no end of grief for this, because his last name is Bush and there is an (R) behind his name.

When Obama used Bush’s reasoning almost word for word, he is so wise and should not have his vacation cut short just because Milwaukee is burning and Louisiana was hit with possibly the worst modern storm without a name. After all, there is golf to be played, and how often does Obama get to do that?

The double standard is incredulous.

I will also note Hillary has yet to show up in Louisiana, while Trump was there today handing out relief packages to residents. So who is the leader here?

And before the Trump-haters who frequent this site get on my case, the choice is between Trump and Hillary, and I’m not picking Hillary.