Xavier Becerra blames Obama's failings in the Middle East on our troops

California representative Xavier Becerra debated Newt Gingrich yesterday on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I wasn’t expecting anything intelligent from Becerra, and he delivered. But he fell off the edge of sanity when Newt pointed out we are losing the war in the Middle East, naming off the countries where we are failing. Becerra repeatedly told Gingrich that he was knocking the troops. This begins at 11:57 of the video…

Gingrich was correctly saying the Commander-in-Chief is to blame, not the troops. That included Barrack Obama and George W Bush.

Obama has this peculiar habit of skipping daily security meetings and not listening to his generals. He thinks he is so incredibly brilliant he doesn’t need that valuable information. He can run the war himself. He believes he is Lincoln. But since he is a verifiable traitor for releasing POW’s to the battlefield so they can kill Americans and our allies, there is no telling what his motivations are as he directs the war.

Becerra’s stupid comment is just one way how the left spins the truth into a lie. Nobody supports our troops like the right. It is the left who has left our brave heroes with antiquated tools. It is Obama and Hillary Clinton who have blood on their hands for the Americans killed in battle in Benghazi. It was Obama who traded five POW’s for an American deserter who left his unit. Americans lost their lives looking for that pile of crap. Obama even held a ceremony at the White House for the parents of his fellow traitor.

Becerra is just a Democrat political hack, who tries to make up excuses for the inexcusable actions of Obama and Hillary.