Jim Cooper is a complete moron

Tennessee congressman Jim Cooper was on Nashville TV today whining about Tennessee’s excellent Voter ID law. He spewed the usual liberal garbage about discriminating against the “poor and the downtrodden.” He said if Tennessee doesn’t repeal the law, the courts will.

Memo to Cooper: We elect state legislators to take care of Tennessee business. You just stick to doing a bad job in Washington. That’s what you’re good at.

Tennessee has a primary for local and state offices this week. Cooper complains that early voting numbers for this election are way down from March.


That March ballot included what was then two hotly contested presidential races. Turnout was good. I have the ballot for this week’s election, and there is nothing for me to vote for. The races are either uncontested or involve candidates I am unfamiliar with. I do not vote in races and for issues I know little or nothing about. I am a political junkie. I consider myself to be a high-information voter, so if I don’t know anything about it, I’m not going there. I would gladly go and vote a Democrat ballot if someone was running against Cooper, but alas, he has no opponent.

If requiring a Photo ID is discriminatory against the poor and the downtrodden, then why isn’t Cooper and his liberal buddies fighting against discrimination in the airline industry, the medical profession, the alcohol industry (discrimination that is required by most states), the Democrat and Republican parties, Michelle Obama book signings, Amtrak, retail stores, banks, FedEx and UPS, unions, Hillary Clinton, and dozens and dozens of other places?

Get over it Cooper. Democrats hate Voter ID because it makes it harder for them to cheat. Recent events have again proven Democrats have cheating embedded into their core. Please explain to us Cooper, all of the precincts that had a turnout greater than 100% four years ago.

The lame response from Democrats is that fraud at the ballot box rarely happens, so if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But how would anyone know? This crime is almost impossible to detect. Really, it is the perfect voter fraud. Check out the obituaries for someone who recently died, then go vote. And vote, and vote…

Interesting fact: Four years ago Obama won every state without Voter ID, and lost every state that required Voter ID. Just a coincidence? I think not.

So how about that discrimination at the airport, Jim?