Out on the campaign trail Saturday, Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump has a dark view of America. She then said Trump is wrong, and she believes America’s best days are ahead of us.


I think she was trying to say their views are diametrically opposed to each other, but they are not about the same thing.

Trump’s reference is to the present. And by most accounts, he’s right. One of the first things Barrack Obama did when he became President was to change the formula used to calculate the unemployment rate, making comparisons to previous administrations impossible. Obama’s way makes the unemployment rate lower, leaving us with a bogus number.

That’s why we have record or near record levels for food stamps and low labor participation rate. The Obama administration can lie and fudge the numbers all they want, but the folks across the country know things are anything but great. The Obama administration is a complete train wreck, and Obama is easily the most corrupt President in America’s history. They don’t even try to hide their corruption. They do it right out in the open, because they know they will get away with their corruption because both the media and the spineless Republicans in congress have gone Sgt. Schultz. They see nothing and they hear nothing.

Hillary is talking about the future. What a dumb statement she made. Every America-loving politician (in other words, not Obama) thinks our best days are ahead of us. That line worked for Reagan because he actually did it. No sane person can picture Hillary creating 20 million jobs, because everything she wants to do, from destroying the fossil fuel industry to raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, will destroy jobs.

Trump is running for President because he is pissed off. He is pissed off about the direction this country is going. Anger has started a helluva lot of political careers. I ran for local office back in the day because I was pissed off about the corruption in my town. I’m not a Trump fan, but at least he’s running for the right reason.

Hillary is running for President because…….. she wants to be President. She has wanted to be President for decades. She wants the power and prestige, and let’s face it, the Clinton’s have done very well financially from public office.

We are not that stupid out here. Hillary is as corrupt as a $3 bill. Trump is a novice and a blowhard, but he didn’t get to where he is in business by not surrounding himself with quality people. I see him doing the same in Washington. I get a tingle running up and down my leg when I think of Attorney General Christie and Secretary of State Corker.

Who do you think Hillary will surround herself with? #Scary