The Truth About Who's Playing Politics On The Benghazi Committee

No sooner had the Benghazi Committee press conference announcing the release of their report ended

when the left-wing media spin doctors were already weaving their smoke-screen intended to protect Hillary Clinton.

A CNN reporter, who obviously read and comprehended the entire 800-page report in ten minutes, concluded there was nothing to see here and everyone should move on. She said the report revealed nothing new. Even if that were true, what was already known is certainly bad enough and more than worthy of an indictment.

I haven’t read the report, but based on what committee chairman Trey Gowdy and the other committee members stated at the press conference, we learned that Hillary spent over two hours dithering over whether or not the Libyans would be offended if the U.S. sent in reinforcements. This discussion took place during the 8-hour battle, when there was still time to save the lives of two Americans who were killed.

Hillary Clinton has American blood on her hands.

Then there is the adulterated reporting of the infamous 11 hours of sworn testimony Mrs. Clinton gave before the Benghazi Committee. I must be the only person outside of the hearing room who watched the entire eleven hours. It is obvious nobody at CNN did. They just gloss over the fact that Hillary testified that the video was a made-up cover-up to hide the truth of Benghazi, less than two months before Barrack Obama was up for re-election on the premise we were winning the war against radical Islam.

We know this because Hillary told her family while the battle was still happening that the consulate in Benghazi was under an “Al Qaeda-like attack.” She told the Egyptian President the same thing the following day. Two weeks after the attack, Obama told the United Nations it was a video. Hillary told the same lie to the victim’s families.

There was once another President who attempted a cover-up. That did not work out very well for him. He resigned in disgrace before certain impeachment (congress had a pair back in those days). And nobody died in his scandal.

This was all to get Obama re-elected by politicizing the death of Osama Bin Laden. How could Democrats say they were winning the war when a group of radical Muslims killed four Americans in a U.S. consulate, including the Ambassador. In a country that became destabilized when Obama and Hillary decided a regime change was in order. It doesn’t get more shameful than this.

So what about those 11 hours? Even before the hearing took place, Democrats, led by liberal blowhard Elijah Cummings, were accusing Republicans of playing politics in an effort to take down Hillary. So what actually happened?

Since you didn’t see it, I will tell you.

The Republicans spent their time asking probing questions, trying to figure out exactly what happened that night. The Democrats spent their time grandstanding, attacking the Republicans on the committee, and praising Hillary at every turn. No wonder Gowdy did not release the report on a bi-partisan bases. Cummings and his ilk did not do a damn thing to ascertain what happened that night.

Now the Democrats whine that $7 million has been spent investigating Hillary.


I guess there is a limit on how much can be spent to weed out corruption. If the price tag gets to $7 Extra Large, that’s it. The dirty politician gets away with it, because the investigation reached the spending limit. Oh well.

The left also complains that there has been eight or nine different committees that that has looked into Hillary’s actions.


What difference does that make? With the White House and the investigation’s target doing all they could to stonewall the investigation, of course it took a long time and a lot of committees to get to the truth. There is still new evidence trickling in, as more emails that Hillary tried to hide become known. Just like the mythical spending limit, one should not be able to run out the clock on an investigation.

BTW, the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation, not a background check.

I was once the subject of a background check. After months, it culminated with two FBI agents appearing at my house on a Sunday morning. I was told (not asked) that we were going to have breakfast. Now I knew the government was doing a background check on me, because I had consented to have it.

If you ever want to attract a LOT of attention, go to a popular small town restaurant on a Sunday after church lets out, where EVERYONE in the joint knows who you are, and you are accompanied by two strange men who obviously have a purpose, while you look like you just rolled out of bed (because you did). I could almost hear all the heads turning towards us.

I passed the background check and was offered a sensitive position with Radio Marti in Washington, a semi-clandestine radio station started by President Reagan to broadcast the truth (propaganda?) directly to the Cuban people. I passed and took a position in Florida instead.

Back to Hillary…

Now CNN claims, according to “sources,” that Hillary will not be indicted. I think few will be surprised if that’s what happens, but it will be a certain reminder that open corruption is alive and well in the Obama administration.