Banning Assault Weapons: Would that work like banning Heroin?

There has been a lot of discussion about gun control since the Islamic Terror attack in Orlando. A lot of that talk has centered around banning so-called assault weapons. CNN’s Don Lemon, instead of reporting on the tragedy, has chosen to become an activist for an assault weapon ban, doing some of the most biased “reporting” I have ever seen.

Democrats tend to think in a vacuum. They are all about passing laws, then patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Sort of like Obamacare. They’re not very big on solving problems. Nothing works in a vacuum, except for vacuums.

The want to make assault weapons illegal.


What the hell would that accomplish? You’d have to be pretty high on the “kook” scale to think that would eliminate these weapons. Has the heroin ban eliminated heroin? Has the meth ban eliminated meth? How about cocaine? Black market pain medication such as Oxycontin?

Banning assault weapons would only accomplish disarming law abiding citizens, while criminals, including Islamic jihadists, will continue to have them. The very people Democrats want to disarm will still have assault weapons.

How many assault weapons are in the country? How would rounding up all of the assault weapons work? Like rounding up illegal Mexicans? How would you know when all of the assault weapons in the country have been rounded up?

How would you keep assault weapons from entering the country? Would that work as well as keeping drugs and illegal aliens out of the country?

If politicians want to accomplish something, they would stop illegals from entering our country. Democrats want to keep the borders open so that illegals become Democrat voters. Don’t believe me? San Francisco is currently considering allowing illegals to vote.

Then get rid of political correctness, so the FBI can do their job, instead of letting aspiring Islamic terrorists go. Twice.

The problem is not guns. It is Islamic terrorists. But our treasonous President can’t even say the words. He will not identify the true enemy. Instead he blames guns, Republicans, the weather or anything else he can think of.

It’s time to toss failed liberal policies into the trashcan and start actually accomplishing something.