It's Not Pro-Choice, It Is Pro-Death

Pro-abortion folk refer to their position as pro-choice. It’s as if they really want a woman to have a choice. But that is a misnomer. The truth is, they don’t want a woman to change her choice after first choosing to murder her baby.

So how do we know this?

We know this because any time a state tries to enact a waiting period before the procedure is done, the baby killers become unhinged. The way this usually goes is, a state wants to enact a waiting period, often times 48 hours, before the killing takes place. During that time, the woman gets counseling so she understands the gravity of her decision. This gives her an opportunity to think about her decision and consider alternatives. If, after that, she still wants an abortion, she is free to do so.

She has a choice. An informed choice. She can still have an abortion, so what in the hell is the problem?


The baby killers, including Planned Parenthood, have a total meltdown! Why? They don’t want the woman to get some information about what she is about to do. They don’t want her to make an informed choice. Once she made her original choice dammit, she doesn’t get to change her mind.

All I can conclude from this is they are pro-death, not pro-choice. So I refer to the baby killers as pro-death, because that is what they are.

Look, I don’t expect any pro-deather to change their mind because of this article or anything else I say. I write this so folks understand why I use the term.

We know a lot more since Roe v. Wade. Science has advanced immensely since 1973. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can look at an ultrasound and not see a human being. Uber-idiot Barbara Boxer said a baby isn’t protected by the U.S. Constitution until it gets home. Really? The parents can kill the kid on their way home from the hospital?

So what’s next? A kid isn’t a human until it gets to high school? Yeah, the kid screwed up in sixth grade, so just kill it. You laugh, but if the Democrats ever get control of everything again, a frightening thought in itself, it could happen.

If you are a baby killer who cannot tolerate a 48 hour waiting period, you are not pro-choice. You are pro-death and I will call you that every time.

That’s my opinion…


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