Like his good friend Hillary, Trump doesn't believe rules apply to him

Bill and Hillary Clinton have managed over the years to make sure that rules for the common folk do not apply to them. They slip and slime their way out of no end of trouble, although she may have met her match with the current scandals.

Donald Trump is the same way. He believes he gets his own set of rules, and so the low-information voters who cling to his every word like a piglet clings to a sow, believe it’s unfair when Trump doesn’t get his own special way.

Take the Republication convention for example. Going back to 1860, the rules have been that if nobody gets a majority of delegates on the first ballot at the convention, the delegates are free to vote for whoever they think will best represent the Republican Party.

But for some reason, Trump thinks if he has a plurality (the most delegates but not a majority), he is entitled to the nomination. He wants a special rule just for him.

If that were true, Abraham Lincoln would never had been President. Ten times the Republican Party went to their convention with no candidates having a majority of delegate votes. In seven of those conventions, the candidate going in with the most votes did not get the nomination.

But Trump wants special treatment, because he is……. uh……. Trump.

Another example. Trump threatens to sue anyone who says something about him that he doesn’t like. Sort of like a five year old. He whines like the Democrat he is that he is not being treated fairly. I don’t know about you, but when I checked into this world, I don’t recall ever seeing anything that indicated life would be fair.

But it’s alright if he slanders a reporter and tries to destroy her because there was an incident between her and a Trump goon. Why does he do this? Because whether it’s $1 billion or $10 billion, Mr. Trump is rich. He knows a mere peasant does not have the resources to defend herself from the big bully.

Trump says whatever comes to mind without thinking about it, no matter how stupid and insane it is. Then when the blowback intensifies, he tries to walk it back and clarifies what he really meant. Examples this week was stating women should be punished if they have an illegal abortion, and stating healthcare and education are two of the three top responsibilities of the federal government.

Trump blow-piece Katrina Pierson explained the abortion comment was a hypothetical, so he didn’t have time to think about it.


What difference does that make? The question, originally from MSNBC’s Chris Mathews, was very clear. If abortion was made illegal, should someone be punished if a woman gets an abortion? After Trump said yes, Matthews asked who?

Now whether you’re Pro-Life or Pro-Death, the correct answer should be the abortion provider. But Trump broke out with the woman. The typical Pro-Life answer would be to punish the abortionist and help the woman in any way possible. NOBODY on either side of this issue thinks the woman should be punished.

When Trump’s answer exploded in his face the next day, he began to walk it back. Trump has “evolved” on almost every issue, not just abortion, as he tries to masquerade as a Republican.

But if someone else utters a faux pas, Trump will hang that person from a tall tree and never let him forget it. How he treats Ted Cruz is a good example of that. But when Trump told Howard Stern he would support a war in Iraq, but now says he never supported that war, that’s OK.

So The Donald and Hillary have a lot in common. They both lie, treat people like crap and think rules and laws don’t apply to them.

Don and Hillary. Two peas in a pod.