That's It. I Will NOT Voter for Lying Trump

I am no supporter of Donald Trump. There are a lot of reasons for that. His many lies. His childish immaturity. His schoolyard bullying. His arrogance and massive narcissism. His stealing from thousands of Trump University students. His dishonest business practices. His many business failures that hurt thousands of people, and I’m just getting started.

So I’ve been struggling with the question – will I support and vote for Trump? I like to have a say in who will be the next President of the United States. That means supporting either the Republican or the Democrat. Nobody else will win, not even Ed Baker.

The two Democrat/Socialists running are obviously out of the question. Democrats don’t even like them. The choice is between a crackpot and someone who belongs, and may well go, to prison. I am not convinced either of those two will be the Democrat nominee. I’m thinking their best chance is Joe Biden.

Don’t laugh. I still remember how Biden destroyed Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate four years ago.

So if Trump wins the Republican nomination, what do I do? Do I support him or do I sit this one out? As I said, I like to have a say in who wins, but this would clearly be a choice between the lesser of two evils. There could be a little upside with Trump (maybe), while there is none with Hillary or koo-koo.

Either way, I will try to educate people about the evils of Hillary or Sanders. In other words, I’m fixin’ to learn ’em.

So I was thinking maybe I’d vote for Trump, but not announce it to everybody. I would (and still will) work to destroy the Democrat nominee if it’s one of the two current candidates.

But now we have this crap about Heidi Cruz. Trump blames Ted Cruz for an ad that shows a nearly nude Melania Trump. The ad was placed by an anti-Trump PAC that has nothing to do with Cruz or his campaign. Trump claims Cruz knew about the ad.


That would be illegal, so that’s a pretty serious charge. If Trump is going to huff and puff like that, he better have some proof.

And now a supermarket tabloid has come out with claims of infidelity by Cruz. The article is not sourced, but this has Trump’s fingerprints all over it.

Whether or not Trump had anything to do with the tabloid story, I am finished with him. I cannot go to the polls and vote for this horrible person. I don’t get sucked in by a catchy slogan like some low-information voters have.

So you say my sitting this out is a vote for Hillary. So be it. The polls clearly say Hillary will bury Trump anyway.

This is a very sad time for our country.