Hillary's Latest Lie

During the Democrat Presidential Debate on Univision/CNN last night, Hillary Clinton was asked by Jorge Ramos about emailing her daughter on the night of the attack at Benghazi, stating it was an al-Qaeda type attack, but told the victims’ families the attack was reaction to a video. The question was if Clinton lied to those families.

Clinton referred to her 11 hours of testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. She claimed she answered every question she was asked, and when it was over, the Republicans had to admit they didn’t learn anything.

I would sure like to know who those Republicans are. You see, I am just nerdy enough that I watched every second of those 11 hours.

Here’s what I learned: Mrs. Clinton testified under oath that she contacted her daughter while the attack was still going on, and that the consulate in Benghazi was being attacked in an al-Qaeda like attack. Not a spur of the moment reaction to some obscure You Tube video. She said an al-Qaeda like attack.

The Committee also learned that Hillary’s shadowy friend, Sidney Blumenthal, had suggested in correspondence to Clinton to find a video and put the blame on that. Thus out trotted Susan Rice, a hack who would say anything to get a promotion, to perpetrate the lie. Two weeks to the day after the attack, Barrack Obama went before the U.N. General Assembly and spoke of the video.

The whole time it was a lie. Clinton and Obama knew it was a lie, and Mrs. Clinton’s testimony under oath proved it. To say nothing was learned during those 11 hours is merely wishful thinking on Hillary’s part.

Seems to me there was once a fellow named Nixon who repeatedly lied about covering up his misdeeds. As I recall, that did not work out very well for him.

Hillary is counting on you didn’t watch all 11 hours of her testimony Oh sure the media did, but they are just part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Especially Fox News. But some of the folks did watch the entire 11 hours, including this blogger. Her lies will never stand up to the truth.

She’s scared poopless, and she should be.