Democrat Debate: Comment 2

During the Democrat Debate Sunday night, the candidates were asked what they would do to bring jobs back to America. Sanders blamed NAFTA, even though Mexico is not the only place where American jobs have gone. Hillary mentioned taking back incentive money given to companies that are leaving. (why wasn’t that part of the contract when the money was handed out?)

She also mentioned penalizing companies that shift jobs out of the U.S. It would be an exit tax.


Not one mention of lowering the corporate tax rate. The thought of that would probably give the old man a heart attack.

One of the main reasons corporations move jobs and their headquarters out of the country is taxes. American companies have billions of dollars sitting off shore, and there is zero incentive to bring it back. If we dropped our corporate tax rate, which is among the highest in the industrialized world, that money would come back to the U.S. where it can be used for domestic expansion, creating, not destroying jobs.

Penalizing companies more makes no sense.