Democrat Debate: Comment 1

During the Democrat Presidential Debate Sunday night, Bernie Sanders blamed “corporations” for destroying Flint MI. Corporations and Wall Street are to Sanders what George Bush is to Obama – a scapegoat for everything.

Sanders blames corporations for shutting down plants in Flint.


Umm… he might want to try blaming unions and generations of Democrat politicians elected by the people of Flint, with their failed liberal policies. Just like Detroit, Chicago, Balimore, et al.

Flint has been ranked among the “Most Dangerous Cities in the United States” with a per capita violent crime rate seven times higher than the national average. The city has had two financial emergencies in the past decade. Homicides in Flint rose 71 percent in 2015 over the previous year. In 2006, Flint was named the 10th most liberal city in America by the by the non-partisan Bay Area Center for Voting Research.

It’s not corporations that destroyed Flint, Bernie. It was Democrat politicians and the hopelessness their liberal policies produce.