Recent Trump Comments

Donald Trump continues to not allow his massive ego get in his way during his quest for the White House. Today he is bragging about how many Democrats crossed the line and voted for him yesterday. I saw a number that 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts switched parties.

Trump is a complete moron. Most of those Democrats are voting for him because they believe Hillary Clinton will destroy him in the general election. It has nothing do with how wonderful Trump thinks of himself.

The developer also said if House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t get along with him, Ryan will pay a “big price.”


That sounds a helluva lot like President Obama’s ‘my way period’ method of governing. Obama whines that Republicans won’t work with him, then makes it clear that if Republicans don’t agree with him, they are not doing their job. Obama will do things his way, whether it’s legal or not.

It appears Trump is threatening Ryan with that same behavior if the Speaker doesn’t toe the Trump line. And that’s a good possibility since Trump’s past actions and words are clearly liberal. He still supports liberal positions such as having a Canadian-style socialized medicine system.

Donnie Trump is the biggest fraud since Barrack Hussein Obama. Voters, including thousands of first-time voters, have fallen for his Madison Avenue “Make America Great Again” BS. Remember “Hope and Change?” Same deal.