Millennials for Bernie are definition of ignorance

Kennedy recently had three “Millennials for Bernie” on her Fox Business Network show. I’m still picking up the pieces from when my head exploded.

The three college students demonstrated zero ability to think for themselves. All they could do is regurgitate studies of questionable repute that had been spoon-fed to them by elitist liberal professors who have no clue themselves how the world works. Whenever Kennedy challenged them, all they could do is look down at their reports and repeat what was written, unable to explain the logic behind the “studies” they were quoting.

They covered a variety of subjects, but I want to zero in on a topic I have studied extensively over the past year: raising the minimum wage.

Liberals, who have no knowledge of economics, think that raising the minimum wage somehow improves the economy. It’s the same logic Stretch Pelosi used when she said giving people food stamps helps the economy. It may help the economy of the grocery store owner, but the overall affect on the economy is zero

Their asinine argument is that when the minimum wage is raised, low-wage workers have more money to spend, so therefore the economy is helped.


Umm…. that money didn’t just fall off a tree. If a worker gets a raise in pay, then someone else (the business owner) has less money to spend. Less money for supplies. Less money for more inventory. Less money for more employees. Less money to invest in expansion. Do Democrats understand any of this? Obviously no, because they don’t seem to understand that the net effect on the economy is zero.

The economy grows with an expansion of productivity. Handing out more burgers per hour. Checking out more shoppers per hour. But many businesses are at the tipping point. Instead of paying more in wages with no increase in productivity (and revenue), many businesses are choosing to reduce expenses (wages) while increasing productivity (automation).

So when Kennedy asked about job loss from raising the minimum wage, one of the eggheads looked down at his report and piped up and said, “Actually, that is not true.” There are no jobs lost from raising the minimum wage. Really?

How about telling that to the 1,000 restaurant workers in Seattle who lost their jobs within 30 days of Seattle raising their minimum wage. Tell that to the employees of the Los Angeles Walmart that recently closed due to an increase in minimum wage there. Tell that to the people who might have worked at two Walmart stores that were planned for poor areas of Washington DC, but now will not be built due to an increase in minimum wage.

Do these college students have any clue how a business works? I don’t expect them to have already met a payroll, but I damn sure would expect them to understand how it works. All these kids will be good for when they graduate is to hide in the world of academia or become a left-wing mouthpiece, because if they try anything else (except maybe government), the real world will eat them alive and spit them back out.

Their complete lack of common sense astounds me. Can they not figure out that if a business is forced to increase expenses, that the money has to come from somewhere? They do not understand the tremendous risks business owners take, and for that they are entitled to a profit? These socialist crybabies will never own a business because they won’t give up a steady paycheck (if they can even get a job) for an unknown future as a business owner.

There was a man who owned a small bookstore in San Francisco. Oh yeah, he was all for raising the minimum wage. Workers cannot survive on minimum wage, so therefore they must be paid more. Never mind most minimum wage job holders are kids who don’t care. They’re getting invaluable work experience, and they’re usually just looking for gas money. If an adult is trying to survive on a minimum wage job, that’s on him, not me.

So being the loon-bin San Francisco is, the minimum wage was increased. Then the bookstore owner realized the higher minimum wage also applied to him. He had to close his store because he could no longer afford to stay in business. His employees’ wages went to $0.00 an hour.

I don’t expect college kids to know everything, even though some think they do. They’re wet behind the ears. They have no experience in life. But for heaven’s sake, they should be learning how to think for themselves in college. Sadly, all these misguided “Millennials for Bernie” have learned is how to be mindless zombies incapable of thought and common sense.

Lord help us.