Union rent-a-mobs not convincing

I was watching Neil Cavuto the other day on Fox News when my head exploded. It exploded because Cavuto had one of his regular union hacks on. This guy was spewing so much bologna that Oscar Meyer should have been there to collect and package it.

The topic was the “workers” strike at McDonalds that day. There was no mention of how many of the “workers” actually worked at McDonalds. Let me assure you, it was very, very few. One can be assured that most of the protesters were SEIU members and were paid to be there.

The hack said $15 an hour wasn’t enough, minimum wage should be $18 an hour. He then launched into the standard left-wing bull-squeeze about a living wage. No mention was ever made about the value of the job or productivity of the worker.

All these people talk about is the pay end of the equation. They never consider the other side of the process. Unions like to have you believe all workers doing the same job are worth the same pay. The problem with that thinking is that there is no incentive for excellence. The slackers are paid the same as those who are working hard and striving for excellence. Try to get rid of the slackers in a union shop and all hell breaks loose.

That is one reason why unions are 20th century dinosaurs.

Any able-bodied, able-minded person can hand out burgers. Many handicapped people could probably hand out burgers as well. No special skill or education is required.

The employer of the burger flipper is almost certainly making less than five cents on the dollar. Double the wages, and the business may no longer be viable. That means a wage of $0.00.

This is why McDonald’s will soon be opening a fully automated restaurant. There will only be five or so employees to look after the robots. You can bet these will be hitting liberal bastions such as Seattle and San Francisco.

It is not the responsibility of employers to provide a “living wage” (whatever that is) to their workers. It is the responsibility of workers to make sure they have the skills and ability to support themselves and their families. ‘Responsibility’ is a word unknown to the liberal mind. Everything is always somebody else’s fault or responsibility. Just look at Barrack Obama. Nothing is ever his fault.

Unions no longer care about workers, except to garnish their wages. Union membership is plummeting, and fat-cat union bosses, accustomed to living large off the backs of workers, are finding their income and lifestyles threatened.

Take a McDonald’s restaurant. As union bigs see it, right now there are zero workers paying union dues. They get the minimum wage jacked up to an absurd number. McDonald’s replaces their counter people with self-serve kiosks. Several people lose their jobs.

The remaining.employees decide to join a union like SEIU, because those nice union people got raises for them. So new money starts flowing in for the union big-shots.

But as they always do, the union over-reaches and starts slaughtering the restaurant’s independent owner with their demands. Think Hostess. Or Detroit. Or Baltimore.

So the McDonald’s franchisee decides to fire all of his employees and completely automate the restaurant. There will only be five specially trained employees to look after and maintain the machines.

So the union now has just five dues-paying members. But that’s five more than they started with.

You may say five new union members. Would the SEIU destroy all of those jobs to get just five more dues-paying members?

You better believe it.

There are more than 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. If each of those restaurants only had six employees. That’s potentially 84,000 new people paying union dues. Thanks to Right to Work, not all 84,000 would join, but there are still many union slave states where workers are forced to join, even if against their will.

The SEIU would be more than happy to get their hands on as many of those 84,000 workers as they can. As for the hundreds of thousands of other people who would lose their jobs, the unions could care less. They weren’t paying union dues anyway.

After McDonald’s falls, next will be Burger King. Then Wendy’s, Hardees, KFC, etc.

If you cannot see that unions no longer care for workers, but care only about themselves, you might consider getting an eye exam. You are being suckered.