Umm ... Islamic Terrorists Attempted Mass Murder ... IN TEXAS!

I find it beyond incredible that so many on the left and their hacks in the media are focused on what Pam Geller did, and ignore the fact that two Islamic terrorists attempted mass murder in the United States. Geller was supposedly guilty of “hate speech.” So the rest of the story doesn’t matter?

Given that definition, then “art” depicting Jesus in urine is also hate speech. Taking liberal logic one step further, there would be no problem if a couple of Christians killed those responsible for that “art.” Wanna bet the left wouldn’t see it that way?

Here’s an inconvenient truth for liberals: The Mohammed cartoon contest and Jesus in urine are both protected free speech under the First Amendment. And that was Geller’s point – to test the limits of constitutional free speech. And as could be predicted, the liberal left, who hate the Constitution and hate this country, failed the test.

Now I wouldn’t have done something like Geller did, nor would I participate in any such event. But does she have the right to do as she did? You’re damn right she does.

Is everyone with a (D) behind their name a traitor like Barrack Hussein Obama? I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but responses from the left last week makes me wonder.

All the time wasted talking about Pam Geller takes away from the fact that Islamic terrorists attempted mass murder within our borders. You think the terrorists are not true followers of Islam? Doesn’t matter. The terrorists believe they are, so there is no negotiating with them.

The Islamic terrorists have ordered Geller be killed. What we need to be concerned about is that ISIS has the capability to make that hit anywhere in the United States. Look at what these savages do to people they consider infidels in the Middle East. They can do that here. Anywhere here. Our own intelligence tells us they are all over the country.

So why the hell aren’t we talking more about this? This is a BFD. Why are we wasting so much time with Pam Geller? Whether you agree or disagree with her, the bottom line is, thanks in large part to a traitorous President, the enemy has infiltrated our country.

Since ISIS wishes to kill all of us, you could be next. You damn sure better be taking this threat seriously, otherwise you may be next to make the news, and not in a good way.