Why Calling Them Islamic Terrorists Matters

The Right has been critical of President Obama for not calling ISIS and other violent Muslim hate groups “Islamic terrorists.” The Left counters that Islam is a peaceful religion and what’s in a name anyway? Obama believes the terrorists have distorted Islam and are not representative of the religion.

But whether you believe Islam is a hateful or a peaceful religion, it is very important to recognize the various.terror groups as Islamic terrorists or Islamic jihadists. Here’s why.

The terrorists believe they are following the will of their god. Whether or not their beliefs are in line with the true teaching of Islam is irrelevant. You can laugh at 72 virgins, but this is what they believe.

For that reason, there is no negotiating with them, unless you think you can convert them to Christianity or some other religion. They believe jihad is the will of their god, and dying for their god is the most honorable thing they can do.

How do you defeat that?

The answer is you kill them. The Obama administration disagrees, but they have no effective alternative. The State Department claims the terror problem cannot be solved by killing them.

So how do we defeat evil?

We won World War 2 in two ways. Japan, which vowed to fight to the last man, eventually using suicide bombers to attack our Navy, gave up after two nuclear bombs were dropped on them. I don’t think we want to nuke the Middle East.

Germany was defeated after a massive landing at Normandy, then fighting our way across Europe to Berlin, killing or capturing the enemy along the way.

Both of these victories came at a tremendous cost in human life. But the alternative was unthinkable.

The situation today isn’t much different. We will need to land an army there, then kill or capture every last one of them. When we capture them, congress needs to make sure the President doesn’t give them back. The alternative is unthinkable.

If any U.S. citizen joins ISIS, try them for treason, and if convicted, execute them. And since Obama refuses to secure our borders, those barbarians are no doubt here as well. They will need to be treated as enemy combatants, not like someone who hit the Stop & Rob down the street.

I know this all sounds harsh, but look at what they’re doing. What do you think the first half of the 1940’s was like? The enemy believes their god has told them they are to conquer the world. There will be no reasoning with them.

Folks, if this country, including our leadership, doesn’t stop denying the threat and go into full war mode, the alternative is unthinkable.