Redskins Controversy Is Over The Top

This whole Washington Redskins nonsense has moved beyond silly to the absurd. A CBS announcer refused to say the word “Redskins” during a recent national television broadcast of a game between the Redskins and New York Giants. Instead, he called them the “Washington Team.”


Just whose feelings did he think he was protecting? One cannot tell another what is offensive. You can’t tell me what is offensive to me any more than I can tell you what you find offensive. Any non-Indian who claims the term “Washington Redskins” is offensive to Indians has no standing to make that claim and should be ignored.

Why is this false outrage only being applied to the Washington Redskins? What about the Atlanta Braves? Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks? Kansas City Chiefs? Need I go on?

Others have asked that question, but I have yet to hear an answer.

This is just another example of increasing intolerance in America. Do-gooders, in their attempt to make sure nobody gets offended, wind up offending more people and dividing the population instead of bringing us together.

If you don’t like the term “Redskins,” then don’t go to their games. Don’t watch them on TV and don’t buy their merchandise. Don’t patronize their sponsors.

Just IGNORE them because obviously many thousands of people don’t have the same hangups you do and love the Washington Redskins.

In case you find it too difficult to ignore the Washington Redskins, some Democrats want government to help. They actually want to ban the term on broadcast television. Just like the seven dirty words.

Seriously folks. You can’t make this stupidity up.

Memo to these do-gooders: It is IMPOSSIBLE to not offend anyone. This great country celebrates our diversity. We are the melting pot of the world. Every race, religion, heritage etc. is welcome here. No matter what we do or say, somebody is bound to be offended.

ISIS wants to kill all of us. Ebola is threatening the world. We have military personnel and American citizens in harms way. Millions of Americans remain unemployed or under-employed. A record number of us are on food stamps. People are being gunned down in Chicago every day.

And some people are having a wedgie because of the Washington Redskins? Are you kidding me?

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