The Insensitivity of Father's Day

I cannot hold it in anymore. Every year I bite my tongue at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because I don’t want to dampen the enthusiasm for these celebrations. If there is anyone who deserves special recognition, it’s our parents.

All I ask is some consideration for those of us who have lost our parents. Is it asking too much to have a little sensitivity? After all, this country has turned into an overly sensitive, politically correct touchy feely nation of mush, so I don’t think this is asking too much.

For example, I was reading the online version of one of my favorite newspapers this morning. It had a survey question that read, “Will you spend Father’s Day with your dad?” The only possible answers were “Yes” and ” No.”

Would it put the newspaper out if they added a third option: “My parents are gone”? (I have contacted the newspaper in question and eagerly await their response)

If your mother and/or father is still alive, do not take them for granted. Cherish every moment with them. What I wouldn’t give for one more day with my mom and dad.

So go ahead and enjoy Father’s Day. If dad’s still around and you can be with him, cherish every minute and take pictures. Just remember there are some who would love to spend Father’s Day with dad, but never will again.