Memo to Republicans: We Don't Need a Candidate of the Month

The 2012 Presidential campaign saw Republicans swarm to whatever candidate was popular at the moment, which was usually the candidate who had gone the longest without saying or doing something stupid.

There was Newt. Rick Santorum. Herman Cain. Donald Trump led the popularity contest for awhile and he wasn’t even running! Would Sarah Palin run? Mitt Romney was leading the herd when the clock ran out.

It was a circus.

And Republicans look like they’re going to do the same thing in 2016.

What I would like to see in a president is someone with executive experience, either as a governor or leader of a large business or organization. I would also consider U.S. Senators for their experience and knowledge of the federal government.

Which leads me to Dr. Ben Carson. There is an organized effort afoot to get him to run for president. A brilliant man with great intelligence, Carson appears to be a solid conservative.

So I looked up Dr. Carson’s bio online. Perhaps I’ve missed something, but while bedazzling, I did not see any executive experience. Perhaps he would be interested in a cabinet post, or being a U.S. Senator.

There are a lot of great conservatives, but not all of them are great presidential candidates. Just because someone speaks well does not mean they will make a great chief executive. Case in point: the current occupant of the White House.

Republicans: please try not to act like a child in a candy store, who rushes to the next candy he sees and says that’s the candy he must have. We’re trying to find someone to be President of the United States, not a bag of candy.