Working on Thanksgiving Do-Gooders Need To Mind Their Own Business

As more and more retailers announce they will be open on Thanksgiving, the blowback surges over the poor low-paid employees who have to work on Thanksgiving. Most of the people doing the whining will not be working on the holiday, but want to show their compassion for their fellow man.

They make the   assumption that nobody wants to work on Thanksgiving. That simply is not true. Many will earn time-and-a-half on the holiday, and since retail employees are not highly paid, that little extra pay is a big deal. And some people don’t have a family to share the holiday with. It just becomes a depressing, lonely day.

Walmart, which is a favorite target of the left, has been open on Thanksgiving for several years. But now they are being attacked for starting Black Friday sales on Thursday because *gasp* they want to sell stuff.

This selective wrath misses the point that millions will be working on Thanksgiving, and not everyone is upset about that. I will be spending this Thanksgiving, as I have for the past several years, at Cracker Barrel. The food is good (they have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner) and the mood is festive. The customers are happy. The employees are happy. So long as the Working on Thanksgiving haters stay home, everyone is having a good time.

So who else is working on Thnksgiving? Well, for starters:

  • Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • Convenience store clerks
  • Fast food workers
  • Hotel and motel employees
  • Radio and television employees
  • The Detroit Lions
  • Stadium and arena workers in the NFL and NHL
  • Hospital workers
  • Airport and airline personnel
  • Highway toll booth workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Railroad engineers
  • Bus drivers
  • Dairy farmers
And there are probably many more. For many of these people, working on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas comes with the territory. I worked in broadcasting for many years and worked on many Thanksgivings. Without complaint.
Where is the outcry against those damn dairy cows, who selfishly need to be milked on Thanksgiving? Or people who have the audacity to travel over Thanksgiving and want to stay in a motel instead of sleeping on the street?
To hear these do-gooders, you’d think every American has a family, and they gather on Thanksgiving to eat turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and cranberry topped off with pumpkin pie. Sorry to burst their bubble, but it just doesn’t work out that way for millions of Americans, for whatever reason.
Retail workers have to understand the following: They will work crappy hours, nights, weekends, and yes, some holidays. Just like the broadcasting employee accepts this. And the hosptal worker, etc.
These people upset about Walmart or Target being open on Thanksgiving need to get over themselves. Nobody is forcing them to shop on Thursday. Or buy gas. Or eat out. They just really need to mind their own business and stay out of other people’s business.