Obama Hates the Greatest Generation

It should come as no surprise Barack Obama has tried to keep World War II veterans from their memorial. Obama holds the Greatest Generation in complete disdain. They preserved freedom and cemented America’s position as a world superpower.

Obama has used his presidency to tear down both.

He was raised in an anti-American household and was taught to hate the United States. Obama doesn’t care for Winston Churchill either, thus one of his first actions as President was to remove Churchill’s bust from the White House. The cigar-stomping Brit had the audacity to preserve freedom from the onslaught of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Obama prefers all nations be fairly equal, including the United States. In Obama’s mind, those old people in wheelchairs trying to get to their memorial were responsible for the imperial U.S. bullying the rest of the planet.

The memorials could be open, federal employees could be working and getting paid, and national parks could be open if Harry Reid, Senate Democrats and Barrack Obama would approve bills already passed by the House. But they choose not to.

They choose not to because democrats would rather hurt Americans in an effort to hurt republicans. They have chosen politics over the people. The only thing worse than that is how they’re treating the Greatest Generation.

Reid and Obama should be ashamed of themselves.