It's Odd Those Romney Votes In Ohio Come Up Obama And Not Somebody Else

Some early voters in Ohio have reported that when they attempted to vote for Mitt Romney, Barack Obama’s name lit up.

I find it very odd that it was Barack Obama.  Not Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or Virgil Goode Jr., or Richard Duncan, or Stewart Alexander.  All are presidential candidates on the Ohio ballot.

No, it was Barack Obama.  Amazing.  There would be a one in six chance that Barack Obama would be the candidate who erroneously lights up instead of Mitt Romney.

That’s one helluva coincidence.

If the voting machine randomly chooses someone other than Mitt Romney when the voter attempts to vote for Romney, there is just a 17% chance that Obama would be the selected candidate.

Could the Ohio irregularities simply be a mis-adjusted machine(s)?  Yes.  But the odds seem greatly against the only candidate who could realistically defeat Romney would be the one who benefits from the mis-adjustment.

I smell a rat…