Nancy Pelosi Wants to Destroy Rain Forests

Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy rain forests.  It must be so, because on Friday she decided to wade into the Chick-fil-A controversy.  She sent a tweet stating she preferred KFC over Chick-fil-A.

What Mrs. Pelosi may not have considered is that KFC has come under fire from her buddies, the environmentalists, for using wood harvested from Indonesia’s rain forest to make their chicken buckets.

Now you and I both know had the shoe been reversed and a Republican said that, the left would be all over the media and Internet claiming Republicans want to destroy rain forests.  Just like Republicans are for dirty air and water.

I doubt that you’ll hear a single Republican say Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy rain forests.  That’s why I’m saying it.

Maybe it’s about time Republicans stop trying to play by the rules of civility and resort to the same sort of dishonest, underhanded rhetoric used and perfected by the left for decades.  A lot of people obviously believe the lies from the left.  How else could you explain Barack Obama’s ability to keep this race close?