Attacks on Romney Exposes Ignorance of Democrats

The latest Democrat talking points include a pair of interesting accusations that underscore Democrats’ lack of understanding of economics, business and tax law.

The first curious accusation is that Mitt Romney exported jobs while at Bain Capital.  Curious indeed because it’s not true.  Didn’t happen.  And that comes from that right-wing rag known as the Washington Post.

But also curious because exporting jobs is supposedly a bad thing for a Presidential candidate.  Why?  I would actually consider it a good thing had Romney actually done it.

Good, because had Romney exported jobs while at Bain, he would have known the reason why he exported jobs.  Which already puts him ahead of President Obama, because the Liar-in-Chief obviously has no clue why jobs are sent overseas.  A President with a history of exporting jobs could work to change the environment that encourages such behavior.

But the problem for Obama and the left is that changing the environment to discourage job exportation will almost certainly involve restructuring our tax code, including the lowering of corporate taxes.  Despite our corporate tax rate already being the highest on the planet, Obama wants to push them even higher, which will make the problem of job loss even worse.

When Romney was running Bain, his first priority was to look after the best interest of the owners/stockholders.  To do otherwise would have been dereliction of duty.  In that case the left would accuse him of incompetence.

The left conveniently ignores the thousands of drilling jobs Obama exported from the Gulf of Mexico, the thousands of jobs not created by blocking the Keystone pipeline, and the billions and billions of “stimulus” dollars sent out of the country to create jobs in places like Finland, Denmark and Mexico.

The second curious accusation is that Romney has a Swiss bank account.  Curious because some of Romney’s loudest critics also have or have had overseas investments.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had a Swiss bank account at one time.  Oops.  Chief hypocrite Nancy Pelosi made millions from foreign investments.  Touche.

Wasserman-Schultz says it’s alright for her because she’s not running for President.  Oh, OK.  So anyone who has ever had a Swiss bank account is automatically disqualified to be President.

The reason Romney has a Swiss bank account is because be felt that was in his best interest.  Same for Wasserman-Schultz and Pelosi.  So what’s wrong with that?  Nothing.  Most people do what is in their best interest.

So the question is, why is it in Mitt Romney’s best interest to have a Swiss bank account?  Again, the problem for Obama and the left is the answer takes us back to our tax laws, and they want to raise taxes and make the problem worse.

This is going to come as a big surprise to liberals, but anything the rich does with their money other than paying taxes, stuffing it in a mattress or burying it in the backyard helps the economy and the middle class.

The rich buy stocks and bonds so companies can expand and create jobs, and government can build more projects that create jobs.  When the rich buy an expensive car or private jet, it’s the middle class that built that car and plane, the middle class that made the parts that went into that car and plane, the middle class that drove the trucks and trains that transported the parts and finished products, the middle class who sold that car and plane to the rich person, and it’s the middle class who will do the maintenance and repairs on that car and plane.

The politics of class warfare and wealth envy will drive this country into the opposite direction of what we want.  It will be the death of us.