If a Pic is Worth a 1000 Words, What is a Weiner Worth?

I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick and tired of hearing about Weiner’s wiener!  The fact that Weiner is a wiener has little to do with it.  Simply put, he’s a prick that could not keep his hands and camera off his special parts.  And now he is in a “wee bit” (get it) of trouble.  It is his holier than thou attitude that gets me about him.  His arrogance that insists he is of the only select intellects worth being heard.  I just do not like him and I never have – never will.

When caught, he did what guys do in situations like that; lied about it.  However, it was not that he lied alone; it was that he lied and crafted a plan to fell aspects of the Right that really gets me.  It was as if because he is “Tony Phallic,” the right will suffer for his indiscretions, not him!  He figured he would play the cards through on a bluff and because the Left suffers from a delusion of self-interpretation, that as common sense would yield to the factual proof presented, it would silence itself through leftist denial; as it often does with the lefist ideologues.

Think about it.  The Left actually believes the three trillion plus added to the national debt by Obama was done by Bush!  If people are so weak of mind and self to believe such non-sense, they are apt to believe anything if it is presented to them by the key figures of the Left whom are responsible for the thinking and decisions of their supporters.  Tony Phallic forgot one thing, he and Huma seem to be the only people interested in his “namesake.”  In fact, the Left wants away from it just as much as those on Twitter seem to.

Weiner the whiner, the phallic fanatic forgot where he was!  “Once I realized I put it Twitter…” or something to that effect he said.  Do you understand the level of complacency it would take to err to that degree?  (This was not a slip; it was a brazen act of overt arrogance that was met by the sobering reality of personal accountability.)  Of course, this “isolated incident” as he insinuated it to be was also a lie in that he seems to have a habit of sending private part pics to somewhat random people now claiming their fifteen minutes of shame.  It boils down to the fact that Weiner is a tad bit of a pervert, but not one of the extreme nature when compared to… oh…  Clinton, Patterson, or Berry the crack whore chaser.  Then you have elected officials trying to be “serviced” in public airport restrooms.  Remember that one?!  Weiner is “small” time in the province of political perverts.

An interesting aspect is that the Left blogs are remarkably silent on the issue.  Facebook’s Left support groups are saying virtually nothing.  One collegiate affiliated news website even pulled an article entitled “1st Dem Demands Weiner Resignation.”  Objectivity is lost.  They can criticize the Right, but lack the security in self to acknowledge fault when it does exist.  The few that have breached the issue have done so in an anti-Right manner on Facebook.  (As if the Right has anything to do with this.)  In fact, it is the Left that is turning anti-Weiner, not the Right using it against the Left.  (Given the past and assuredly current yet unknown and unfolding indiscretions on the Right, how critical can they really be?)  Just an observation.  In light of recent events, trying to rationalize, minimize, and marginalize this by finger pointing to the Right is simply an idiotic strategy that only the most idiotic would perpetuate.  Few support this position because common sense dictates that prudence is found in personal responsibility – even at the lowest, most rudimentary levels.  Typically, posts that support the notion of mitigating Weiner’s accountability through blaming the Right are immediately attacked by the more reasonable Democrats involved in the given group.  It is a position that is supported by only the most unreasonable Left searching for Left sponsored rhetoric to place into words the ideologies that they themselves are incapable of articulating on their own behalf.  Call it an intellectual failure if you will.

In the end, Weiner acted independently while unfortunately representing the Democrat Party in doing so.  Democrats should not defend this, they should insist upon cleaning up their Party a bit.  If this were a Republican, you bet they would stake a vetted interest in the failing morals of the Right; just as I would and the Right should.  The incident stemming from the Left really is not a partisan issue; it is an issue of the character of a member of the U.S. Congress.  We can twist and turn this to Right and Left, but it is a reflection of American politics in general.  Weiner himself turned it partisan.  A failing of personal integrity that was then attempted to be turned against the Right through complicit acts rather than taking responsibility for wrong of the act.  Despite this, Weiner believes he is above stepping down and resigning.  The reality is that he will resign or like Rangel, waste the votes of his constituents through the forced muted silence of censure; be it imposed by the Republicans of the House or at the hands of his fellow Democrats through their calls for ethics investigations.  Either way, he is done and should have been done years ago given the length of time this has been going on.  Opposing the few incredibly slight of mind on the Left that are attempting to make even this an anti-Right issue; the outcry is from the Left.

Even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) along with Steve Israel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spoke out against Weiner.  “I am calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.”  Pelosi stated.  Israel added, “Congressman Anthony Weiner engaged in a deep personal failure and inappropriate behavior that embarrassed himself, his family, and the House.  Ultimately, Anthony and his constituents will make a judgment about his future.”  The Democrat Party and Democrat support groups followed suit.  (Ironically, New York is seeking teen sexting legislation.)  Weiner’s ex who defended him, now calls for his resignation.  What’s the hook?  Weiner is not only a wiener; he is a liar to boot.  And apparently a good one given how so many took his word over the mounting evidence against it.  Once the truth came out, the reasonable saw logic over the demagogue Weiner.  His golden boy status lost to his own true character.

What is most unfortunate about this is the existing progressives of the Left cannot accept the wrong for what it actually is.  To them, it is not a matter of Weiner’s character or suitability to serve the public after such an integrity violation; it is a matter of the Right.  Meaningless is the loss of voice many Americas will suffer through his probable censure.  Meaningless is the reprehensive loss of moral fiber in American politics.  As they seek the absolution of personal responsibility, they find pardon for Weiner in a perverse blame on the Right under the guise Republican benefit.  A true disgrace and American political atrocity.  For Weiner and his progressive supporters of denial and blame, forgiveness can only be found in their banishment from political bastions and full censure of unreasonable voice – that is not worth listening to anyway.

While pressure builds for Weiner to resign and the ever absent minded seek his absolution solely because he is a Democrat, a lesson lays at our feet for us to stumble across.  Today’s politicians are reflections of the American people.  They are not doing anything the American public has not, is not, or will not do.  In them, we call forth for a higher standard than we our [collective] selves are willing to attain and uphold.  When they fall from the precipice of political grace, they return to that which the American people actually are.

When they fail to meet this higher standard, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable.  It is clear that people like Wiener are unwilling to view themselves as accountable due to their own delusions of grandeur.  Supporting them are their own and minions of their making.  Individuals so weak of mind they selectively overlook indiscretion and established standard out of fear they will be disclosed as supporting the wrong side.  As incredibly pathetic as that sounds, it is 100% true.  We have entered a period in politics where wrong is situational to selective reasoning and the double standards of dichotomous hypocrisy.  Those who wish to not see this (today’s progressives) are the same individuals who will not hold themselves accountable for their failings and place in life.  What does this actually say about America today and our political environment?