So Kieth Olbermann is gone......so what?

I know, I know. Keith Olbermann is the devil and we should all be giddy with excitement at his controversial exit from MSNBC. And don’t get me wrong, if I had to spend more than five minutes with the guy I would probably feel the need, no matter how futile, to smack some sense into Senior Snarky once and for all. But without those that think like our least favorite wordsmith who proclaim their brand of “government is the answer” craziness we would revert back to the old days where only those of us paying attention could see the headlight of that ever approaching liberal/socialist train.  As a proud card carrying member of the “unwashed masses” between the two coasts I need to see and hear the extreme views of those that might have power so I can make better informed decisions come November every year. I got better things to do in life like provide for my family and mow the dang lawn for like the thousandth time then to hunt down those that wish to exert more control over how I live my life.  Keith was indeed the very loud horn on that liberal/socialist train and he served his role better than most.  But leave your verbal arrows for more lively game for we have all known who and what Mr. Olbermann is and pity is all anyone should feel for someone who knows so much that just isn’t so.