Will of the People

On November 2nd, 2010, the American people informed their government they disapproved of this country’s current direction and overwhelmingly elected a significantly large number of Conservatives to the Congress of the United States.  Unfortunately, due to the orderly transition of government, the will of the American people would not be set in place until January 5th, 2011.

The ensuing period was intended for that transition and not for the defeated members of the Congress to implement changes they could have implemented prior to November 2nd, 2010 or in any of the preceding 22 month period.  What has since occurred is nothing short of immoral and outrageous.  This is an insult to the “Will of the People” and simply does not reflect the voter intent on November 2nd.

I will list my three points of contention as follows:

As to the Bush era TAX RATES, Republicans were labelled as “hostage takers” by a sitting American President and in a very short period of time Senate Republicans capitulated and agreed to significant increases in government spending.  We can debate this issue forever listing advantages and disadvantages, yet did we not seal a deal and a bargain with a President whose credit rating with the vast majority of the American people had been labelled HIGH RISK on November 3rd, 2010?  Did the Congress act in the best interest of a majority or of a minority of the American people?  The answer, the latter should be painfully clear.

As to a group of people whose sexual preferences fall significantly within a minority of the American people, did we now establish sexual preference as a CLASS, somewhat like someone from a Pacific Island or from the Aleutians?  Did we really examine the issue carefully and rely upon military commanders in the field?  I for one, think not and now the sitting American President indicates he will again rethink his position on the matrimonial union of same sex partners, again acting contrary to the “Will of the People” and the expressed desires of the citizens of many sovereign states of this union.

And finally, a START treaty during an era, when the third world in every direction is seeking nuclear armament and may be aided by the very people we are ratifying a treaty with.  Is this the “Will of the People”, the majority of America?  Only time will tell, but the time to examine this treaty was before November 2nd, 2010 or after January 5, 2011, when this system of government would be truly representative of our citizens.

And then we have the DREAM Act, which again failed, yet has again emboldened a “credibility bankrupted” President and political party to try again in the future, neglecting those critical issues, which include, yet are not limited to American LAW and border security, not to mention the millions who have immigrated to this country LEGALLY?  And I haven’t even touched on a fragile economy in which jobs are scarce and at a premium for the 17-20% of our legal residents who must rely on Unemployment payments.

And just the other day I received a final insult to the “Will of the People”, a form letter from Senator John Cornyn which I will excerpt from.  “Our wins have set us up to deliver twin knock-out blows………….and ushering in a conservative Republican Majority in the U.S. Senate, like we did for Ronald Reagan back in 1980.” Senator Cornyn, you did nothing!  The conservative majority was the “Will of the People”.  And now in one of the bullet points “Political winds shift quickly, so I’m counting on your immediate help to bring in even more reinforcements who will vote for limited government, lower taxes, and common sense spending restraint.” Well Senator, the “Will of the People” expressly stated on November 2, 2010 wanted their voices to be heard by a newly elected Congress which would be seated on January 5th, 2011 and not by the “defeated” group of “political losers” who have failed to heed the “Will of the People” for the last 22 months.

And in so doing the “Lame Duck” has not withered and died a peaceful political death, but has been supplied with new wings by a group of “so called” Republicans who I would submit have failed to take heed of the “Will of the People”.  You all have supplied a “bankrupted” ideologue President with “political capital” he neither merited nor deserved from you in the 22 months which preceded November.   This “Lame Duck” will soar into the new Congress, emboldened and claiming a change in the “Will of the People” which does not exist.  Never before in the history of this country, have we witnessed the victor become the vanquished during a very short period of time which our political representation did not accurately reflect the “Will of the People”.  The Congress now sitting has been accurately depicted as a group of “class elitists” who are respected by only 13 of every 100 citizens who expressed their desires in November.

Yes, in a very short period of time you have managed to tell the American people that for two months every two years, their collective “will” counts for nothing.  And to those who say we need a third party?  That is ridiculous and only will weaken the “will of the people”.  This is exactly what our liberal friends desire, so we must simply remember what has just transpired and DEFUND the RINO.  It took all of a few minutes to telephone the NRSC and take my name off their mailing list.  Interestingly, they didn’t even ask why.  And when calling the RNC, to express my dissatisfaction as I have alluded to here, they didn’t even see fit to ask my name.

Hear my name loud and clear Republicans.  I am a Reagan-Rubio conservative from South Florida who is ready to welcome you all to Tampa in 2012.  All that I ask the Maine, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Utah and Alaska contingents is to drop your RINO’s off at Busch Gardens.  For my money, Marco Rubio and the challenger to Senator Bill “Let’s Make a Deal” Nelson will get it for the next election cycle.  Are you listening Colonel West? We may need you in the Senate sooner than later!