Lockerbie Scotland Bomber-Revisited

Back in August of last year I vigorously protested the decision in the United Kingdom to release upon compassionate grounds the only individual convicted for this heinous crime.  I wrote in part…”Have you forgotten the pain of the victims themselves or their families?  Have you forgotten that many were American citizens?  It is obvious that you have and it is painfully obvious you don’t really care.  How thrilling it was to watch a convicted mass murderer receive a hero’s welcome in his native country.  I understand his native country may have close energy ties to you.  Is this true?  You may not care about someone like me or what I think, but I will promise you I will never forget your decision to release a man on compassionate grounds when it is obvious he had no compassion for others about 20 years ago.  I, prior to today had always admired Great Britain and Scotland and unfortunately this single action has greatly altered my opinion.  Do not expect me for a visit for you have betrayed justice.  Do not expect me to support you should you be threatened again and congratulations on your strengthened ties to Tripoli.”

It had been reported the Libyan “bomber” was estimated to have about 3 months left to live.  Eleven months later through a marvel of medicine or oops, dare I say the credibility of the English health care system, he remains alive and “free”, something which the victims of his crimes no longer enjoy.  It has also been reported the United Kingdom is now “looking into the matter”.  How strongly consoling to us all in the United States.  I wait with eager anticipation to read the BP annual report and other English oil companies dealings with their Libyan friends.

I know the history of our proud country did include a visit to Tripoli a few centuries ago by United States Marines as well as a Ronald Reagan initiated flyover by the United States Air Force in the 1980’s.  If this is what our allies do, I shudder to think of what those who have no respect for us whatsoever will do.  And to be at the mercy of foreign oil particularly those who cannot be completely identified as friendly to us while suppressing our own oil development, due to a tragic spill in the Gulf of Mexico by……..you guessed it, BP.  In a word, “insulting”.