Immigration Enforcement and Law Enforcement

One can’t help but notice the degradation of the law enforcement profession by liberals.  In the past year, the profession had to endure and overcome the criticisms of “acting stupidly” in Cambridge, Massachusetts before all of the facts were in.  The “Instant healing elixir” of beer was applied, because you know how much police officers love beer and oh I suppose donuts too!  Such insulting stereotypes are continually being borne by the men and women of law enforcement on a daily basis.

Regardless of ethnicity, gender, and other identifiers, it seems all of the profession is “lumped into one tidy package” of a group to be attacked by liberals when something goes wrong.  In a span of over 40 years the thanks I received (and I will tell you I never entered the profession for thanks) were vastly outnumbered by the complaints and criticisms of politicians, judges, lawyers, and many citizens for what I believed was “just doing my job”.

I believed I was a member of one of the finest professions in the United States, law enforcement and to this day believe I served the citizens who employed me very well and to the best of my ability.  I believed then as I do now that it is a great profession responsible for fairly and impartially ascertaining facts which either do or do not constitute violations of American law.  I proficiently became familiar with the United States Constitution and all of its amendments and endured what seemed like annual changes to it by a Supreme Court which believed in tightening control of the law enforcement profession to curb, curtail and eliminate any and all abuses by it, whether perceived or genuine.

Often, I was convinced such changes were not necessary, but were solely ordered by mistakes made by my fellow officers in a singular case.  In effect, all of law enforcement pays for the mistakes of a few.  Media accounts are comprehensive and exhaustive of police misconduct, yet the taking of a law enforcement officer’s life, the “ultimate sacrifice” lasted until their funeral.  Usually the trials of those responsible received media attention only if police misconduct was alleged and rarely, if ever have I ever heard of the murder of a law enforcement officer as a “hate crime” which it often is.

And now the State of Arizona has enacted a law aimed at removing immigrants who are in Arizona UNLAWFULLY.  Please notice I did not say UNDOCUMENTED because to me that means they are here legally and forgot their legal papers at home.  It is so convenient to say UNDOCUMENTED rather than ILLEGAL or UNLAWFUL.  Society hires its’ law enforcement to enforce the laws it enacts and for the most part, the professional men and women of law enforcement do so to the best of their ability at great risk to their lives on a daily basis.  Yet liberals and many members of minority classes begin to do what they reportedly trying to eliminate.  They ASSUME the law enforcement profession will engage in UNLAWFUL PROFILING and STEREOTYPING in the enforcement of the law, although American law specifically prohibits it.

How sad liberals and others degrade themselves to that level when they in fact are STEREOTYPING and PROFILING the entire law enforcement profession, rather than placing their trust and the public confidence in them to do the job and enforce the laws they were hired to.  Officers endure this scrutiny 24/7 while trying to do the right thing.  Officers are taught to conduct themselves as though they are being videotaped in perpetuity.  The question which begs to be answered is what profession demands the same type of accountability?  Any members of the legal and/or political professions wish to convince me they are under the same scrutiny?  (Maybe just maybe now it is starting)

I’m sure liberals feel quite assured the law enforcement profession enjoys their chance meeting each day with the community they serve, when a single officer walks up to a motor vehicle containing a number of visible people, yet have one or more who might be crouched down or even in the trunk.  And don’t forget the thrill of entering a poorly lit street or alley or any yard or park or dealing with someone who doesn’t speak the officer’s language or has no identification whatsoever upon them.  It is always a pleasure to simply assume the name and date of birth being supplied is accurate and truthful and to later discover it was not and a criminal was left on “the street”.

As I stated previously, officers for the most part do not do the jobs you ask them to do for your thanks, but they do desire you let them do the job and enforce the laws this society has enacted, without the fear they will be automatically accused of “acting stupidly”, or worse STEREOTYPING and PROFILING when doing their job.  There is enough PROFILING of the law enforcement profession right about now.