Is It Time For Despair?

To the Republican National Committee:

Good Morning and Merry Christmas to all of my fellow citizens.  While I am a Republican,I find it ironic that I believe both major parties have abandoned the American “common man” in this time of great crisis.

This peril we face did not just start yesterday, so for Republicans who say they never saw this coming, I say you must be “dumber than a box of rocks” or worse, complicit.  You were presented with great opportunity in 1994 and you may not see another as our Constitution is being manipulated like a rubber band.

The moderation of the Republican Party shall be its ruin.  You may mark those words.  Failure to return to strong moral and conservative values here and now if ignored, will never see the opportunity again.

Am I pessimistic?  I guarantee you as God is my witness, I am more than that.  I have contributed to my party and seen them merely take sides in primaries and foolishly spend monies on RINO’s.  You know who they are.  Should I repeat NY-23?

The Republican Party of Florida will not even reply to my inquiries as to how to volunteer in my community, or to how the Party is spending the members’ money. It will not explain why it takes sides in contested Republican primaries. 

I yearn for voices that are not Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, no disrespect intended.  I yearn for term limits.

I sincerely hope you read this.  You have my name and you should know how to reply to me.  You solicit me for contributions at least twice a month.

I trust I will be heard.