A Plea For Civilized Discourse

While I am new to this site, I have been strongly conservative for many years.  Now that I am retired from urban law enforcement, I can freely express myself, without a fear of censure.  Yes everyone,  try being a conservative in an urban environment sometimes wrought with crime.  You know, where everyone points the finger at someone or something else when something goes wrong.

Now to the point.  I do not believe everyone who posts here is a true conservative.  If you were, you wouldn’t shout in your posts to be heard above one another.  If you were, you would not resort to profanity nor would you respond to it.  There is no way to confront ignorance, other than to rise above it, ignore it when identified, and try to change it by not participating in it. 

As 2010 approaches, we are on the precipice of something quite astonishingly great, or if we fail to behave as true conservatives, something tremendously tragic.  The choice is in all of our hands, and keyboards.  Let us all resolve to have our discourse, and our disagreement in the ways we want our conservatism to be viewed, and that is as a role model to be admired and emulated.

And to those who need to resort to crude language and sometimes profanity….to those who seemingly have to shout your point above the others……….and to those who are unable to admit a mistake here and there………I will choose not to be one of you.  You all know of those posts I am referring to.  The reason I don’t even identify them here is I am withholding what they truly desire.  My attention.