America and Crime-Violent and Hateful

As a 36 year veteran of urban law enforcement and now retired, recent events compel me to share a number of observations and opinions. 

 I entered law enforcement in the late 1960’s during a period of great civil strife in this nation.  There was violence for the sake of an anti-war movement and violence for the sake of a civil rights movement.  Though conservative at the time, but not very political, I couldn’t help but see a common thread repeating itself over and over again.  There were a number of “excuses” as to why crime was being committed such as “economically depressed”, “psychological disorder”, “deprived childhood”, and a variety of many others too numerous to mention. 

The American Society needs to quit “looking for excuses” and recognize violent crime for what it is and that is immoral, hateful, and the basest of all evil.  I have dealt with serial murderers and I have a revelation to all of you.  They are not “monsters” and they are not “crazy” as you would prefer to believe.  Many from Mexico have entered the United States either legally or illegally and have committed violent crimes.  I am familiar with a number of Mexican citizens who have murdered in this country and then fled back to Mexico.  Law enforcement here can even tell you their addresses in Mexico.  Is this odd?  No!  The United States does not have an extradition agreement with Mexico.  The Mexican Solution?  Send us your paperwork and evidence and we can try them in a Mexican court for you.  I have participated in investigations in which the suspect was convicted of murder of brothers in a tavern during a billiard game for just dollars!  Now here is the worst part.  The suspect is paroled and murders again.  I bet you wouldn’t guess it was over a game, ………but it was.  Now back to the “excuse” part. 

There are those who will say if we take away the guns this all will stop.  I’ve got really bad news for you.  The violent criminals and other assorted thugs in this country WILL NOT BE the first in line to turn theirs in.  Thank God for a Second Amendment in which I can protect myself and my family from anyone who tries to deprive us of our lives or liberty.  And now for the best part.  America, REHABILITATION is not working.  Recidivism in the United States continues to grow.  With all of our nation’s current woes the problem of violent crime is overshadowed.  Statistics may report violent crime has fallen by such and such a percent.  Tell that to the victims and their families. 

Then there is the political influence.  As a law enforcement professional, I could care less about your political base or whether or not you are even re-elected.  A message to all politicians.  Leave your law enforcement officers alone to do their jobs and that job is to protect us, keep the peace, and to “seek the truth”, no matter what that truth is.  The recent events in the State of Washington in which 4 police officers were killed is a tragedy I hope is never repeated but I know it will.  Many have very little respect for law enforcement and this lack of respect is growing.  Law enforcement is seen unfairly as the representative of government and often times of government’s failures, not its own.  Why did it only take a “split second judgement” by the leader of the greatest nation on earth that the “Cambridge Police acted stupidly”.  So a message to all of the politicians on both sides.  Whatever you are doing about crime does not seem to be working very well.  And lastly, I just wanted to touch on “hate” and “hate crimes”.  When someone expresses and then acts upon violence toward another in an unlawful manner there appears to be a possibility that a certain amount of “hate” is involved.  So to all of you who need to feel good about making it a hate crime when it involves minorities, life styles, and/or religious preferences, how about protecting a minority that is near and dear to my heart, the law enforcement professionals of the United States.  As a young officer I experienced the disdain of many a politician and political movement.  To that end I thank you for the conservative I am today.  Yet I was, and the many great men and women of law enforcement today are sworn to protect you and accept your disdain and sometimes hatred. 

And in closing, I have a great suggestion to all of the politicians in this country as to how to get this economy going.  Use TARP funds to BUILD MORE PRISONS and BUILD THEM NOW.  You will create a great number of jobs and as a further solution to the problem, build them as “maximum security” and convicted prisoners will work no more nor less than 40 hours per week to repay American society the “debt” they owe.   If they refuse, solitary confinement facilities should be helpful.  To the law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the State of Washington, I will pray to God this ceases to occur.  To your families, I know of no words which can be expressed which can comfort them.  The fingers of blame will be many but “society” will scapegoat somone when “society” itself is to blame.  In closing, my dear American society, recognize the deeds of violence for what they are, manifestations of hatred and evil and please quit trying to make “excuses” for every violent event or attaining the answers to the unanswerable question of WHY?  I leave you with my sincere belief that a society which attempts to rehabilitate its violent criminals is condemned to be victimized by them.