It's Saturday Night!

Wanted to share my  e-mail to the Honorable Democratic Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson………….

I can’t help but ask you why the Senate would meet to discuss this issue on a Saturday night.  Along with the Health Care Vote of the House of Representatives late on a Saturday night a few short weeks ago I have to ask this question.  Is it because the Congress believes we will not pay attention or is it because there is no one to answer your phones?  Hopefully there will be plenty of recording space.  The decision of the Congress to work so hard for me and the rest of the American people late on a weekend is very curious.  Are you all so over worked you can’t accomplish what you need to do during a weekday?  More than 200 years ago, the Continental Congress had to meet under the cover of night.  I have great news for our current Congress.  The British are no longer here.  In any event dear Senator, I again ask you to honor the will of the majority in the health care debate.  If you are not aware of the polls, maybe a courier on horseback can deliver this to your honorable body this evening.  I also want you to know I believe the Senate’s version of “Saturday Night Live” will not humor this electorate.  Or…..does CSPAN need to improve its’ weekend share of audience?