This much needs to be said.  If this country fails to recognize it is on the path to socialism and with it the accompanying apathy, lack of pride, and the oh so important global citizenship, our country will be resigned to this pitiful path.  My grandmother fled a part of the world 90 years ago and came here to make a better life for herself.  My father worked 3 jobs to make a better life for his own family and early on saw his union leaders attending conventions in Hollywood, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada and realized the only thing which would help the working man was hard work itself.  By the way my grandmother and father, should they have lived to see today would cringe at “sharing the wealth” and profess that “charity begins at home”.  I want no part of a global citizenship that over the span of a century has failed to repay debts to my country and continually attacks and labels my country as their enemy whether the tongue be Spanish, Arabic, Asian, European, or any other.  I question the term “energy independence” when there are many untapped resources in this country in which legislation prohibits their exploration.  I defy the person who would say we are not a “nation under God”, yet I would defend your right to say this.  I cringe at a criminal justice system which believes it can “rehabilitate” our criminals.  To all that believe in this rehabilitation I would submit a radical new concept, PUNISHMENT.  Think of all “prison industry” could do to alleviate the current tax burden.  It is endless.  Yet we have many who think “doing the right thing” is akin to doing what is “politically correct”, yet this is morally reprehensible.  We live in a societal age in which there are those who are privileged to assign the term “racist” and “racism” yet believe based upon history they have been granted an immunity from such terms.  The terms themselves are quickly brought about when any criticism becomes indefensible and that too is sad.  We need to get back to one people and one nation under God.  I am of the 1960’s, just like the Panthers and the Weather Underground, but at one time I believed I was in the “Silent Majority”.  I am watching now as our government becomes very large “for the good of the people”.  My question is what will we be when we all work for the government?  I do not blame one political party for the current quandary we find ourselves in.  I also blame conservatism for being far too silent.  It is time we return to “God, country, and family”, stop fingerpointing, and return to morality, not moral judgement.  At present, you have the right and the inherent responsibility to disagree with me if you must, but tomorrow, only time will tell.