My plan to get along with jihadist... not

Acting impetuously recently I looked on EBAY for “Geiger counter” and to my amazement saw many of the ones that stocked fallout shelters from the 60’s until??? and at prices as low as $5.00 Do not get the model 700, get the models 715 or 717. My opinion for what it is worth. I also found a company that will calibrate and check these units for I believe it was $77.00. I have bought 4.

I do not desire to watch my children or grand children suffer needlessly due to a nuclear attack. You can fill in the blanks as to who will do it or how. I feel that the longer time goes by  the more likely it is to happen. This is the most recent upgrade in my level of preparedness. The total of what I spent I hope is totally wasted. By this I mean I hope this stuff grows dust bunnies for many, many years.

I hope I am wrong, but I feel that after a nuclear disaster the most likely US agency to show up to help me will be the IRS. We may have to be in a position to help ourselves. The company that will calibrate these is ki4u.com   They also have online copies of old CD manuals from the 60″s that show how to use and interpret info from Geiger counters and other info. I pray that all this info is never needed.