Litigation reform.. Taboo subject?

The polls are indicating that the race in Florida is becoming tighter and we all know McCain will need to carry Florida to win. As a small business owner in Florida, I cannot begin to describe how badly I want McCain/Palin to prevail. Unless I have missed something, litigation reform regarding frivolous lawsuits has not been discussed. In Florida, attorneys are practically ruling our state. My business has been sued twice in 2 years over absolutely ridiculous issues. I was no doubt completely in the right and the predatory attorneys knew it would take more to defend the case and win that it would be for me to just settle. Sounds a lot like extortion to me. I wonder if McCain should make this an issue in Florida. The issue isn’t particularly unique to Florida, but the number of niusance lawsuits is. This is impacting the Florida economy in a way much bigger than tax increases or decreases. The result of the lawsuits against my business made it necessary to increase store prices, lay off workers, and get a loan to “pay off” the predatory attorneys. Could a discussion about this be just what the McCain needs to extend his lead and secure victorty in Florida? I will leave that to the experts but if others in Florida are as sick and tired of predatory attorneys as I am, he will win by a landslide.

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