Breaking Away - Indiana Primary Results

I recently wrote a piece about my thoughts on the 2012 Indiana primary. Now I want to follow up with some additional thoughts after yesterday’s primary. These primary results are absolutely a good sign, and help prove that in Indiana the Tea Party is indeed very much alive and well.

In all but one contest for the US House, more Republican votes than Democrat votes were cast. The exception is IN-1 and Democrat incumbent Peter Visclosky. In the Governor and US Senate contests more Republican votes than Democrat votes were cast by a very large margin. The Tea Party backed candidates for US Senate, IN-2, and IN-5 won, and the only Tea Party backed candidate defeat was in IN-8 where incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon defeated Kristi Risk.

Indiana has only elected one Republican woman to the US House, Cecil Harden, who served 5 terms from 1949 to 1959. 2012 is the year that Indiana will elect two Republican women to the US House, Jackie Walorski in IN-2 and Susan Brooks in IN-5. 2012 can also be the year that Indiana will elect a Hispanic for the very first time to the US House, Carlos May in IN-7.

Indianapolis is the 7th congressional district. While a Democrat is usually elected to this seat, I want to remind everyone that the voters in Indianapolis have usually elected a Republican to be their Mayor. This started with Richard Lugar in 1968, and continues with Greg Ballard today. In this year’s primary, Indianapolis cast 40,227 Republican votes and 38,421 Democrat votes. Indianapolis has a population of about 830,000 people, so the primary turnout was low, but the Republicans have proven they can turn out the vote in Indianapolis.

Carlos May is the underdog nominee against incumbent Andre Carson, but he can win. In recent years there has been a large influx of Hispanics residing in Indianapolis. I don’t know how many will vote, but it is a mistake to assume they all are going to vote for the Democrat. If you want to volunteer or contribute to Carlos May, then please visit his website. Below is an excerpt from his website.

Due to the recent decisions of Congress, Carlos says he feels compelled to stand up and take action. He believes the individual liberty that makes us American is under attack — infringed upon by unprecedented growth of government, higher taxes and intrusive laws and regulations into the lives of citizens. Currently, Carlos serves the City of Indianapolis, working as the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Latino Affairs. Prior to this Carlos served as a Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison. Carlos takes great pride in helping the citizens of Indianapolis in his current role, but wants to do more — for the city and the nation.

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