Meet Dan Schmitt Candidate For IL-5

The 5th congressional district of Illinois
Current Representative Mike Quigley (D–Chicago)
Distribution 100.00% urban, 0.00% rural
Population (2000) 653,647
Median income $48,531
Ethnicity 77.5% White, 2.3% Black, 6.5% Asian, 23.0% Hispanic, 0.3% Native American, 9.8% other
Cook PVI D+19

The 5th Congressional District of Illinois spans much of the North Side of Chicago, from Lake Michigan into the western suburbs. It includes Schiller Park, Franklin Park, River Grove, Elmwood Park, Northlake and Melrose Park. Wrigley Field and Chicago’s gay district of Boystown are both located in this district, along with the Chicago neighborhoods of Lakeview, Uptown and Lincoln Park. In the past this district has been served by Dan Rostenkowski, Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel, and currently, Mike Quigley. Conventional wisdom would have you believe that a Republican could never get elected in this district. In 1994 Republican Mike Flanagan did defeat Dan Rostenkowski. I believe an unconventional Republican biker dude can defeat Mike Quigley in 2012.

Dan Schmitt has lived in this district his entire life, and he has been self-employed his entire working life. Earlier, he was known as ‘Coffee Dan’ and he drove around to IC train stops and sold coffee, sweet rolls, and sandwiches to commuters. He later put together a team of motorcycle racers called “Team Chicago.” Dan then took the first introductory class to qualify for access television. Dan devoted full time to producing his first series, “The Other Side,” and later the “Team Chicago Challenge” weekly television series.

Dan does not talk or act like a politician, and this is refreshing to me. The image in my mind when I read his words is that of the younger ‘Coffee Dan’ guy. Below is a sampling of Dan Schmitt in his own words. If you agree with me that he is worthy of your support, then you should visit his website here. If you are interested in his motorcycle racing you can visit his other site here.

A reporter once asked Dan: Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? He answered with the following:

Back when I was ‘Coffee Dan’ and the IC Train Station on East South Water Street was my first stop, the Chicago Police took me in to 11th and State. It seems that some Police Sergeant had a friend that was opening a coffee shop in the train station and they wanted me removed. I forget the charge, but I was held in a cell until my brother showed up with $100.00. When I went to court, no police officers showed up and all charges were dropped. This was just a little message for me as an average businessman in Chicago.

Here are more samples of Dan talking politics.

I am running to protect our right to ride motorcycles, race motorcycles, ride motorcycles off-road and live a great life without the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT looking over our shoulders.

OBAMACARE IS EVIL. If you allow the government to control your healthcare you are giving up liberty. If there is one thing that a person owns, it is their life. You are responsible for your health. You are responsible for your life. The government is not responsible for your health. Just who in the government will be responsible for your health? Just who? If you believe that the government can serve your best interest, you need to have your head examined. Just who do you think in this or any government has your best interest at heart? Please do not kid yourself. Do you think that some bureaucrat that worked for the tollway last year, or worked in the Secretary of State’s office, really cares about your health? OBAMACARE is madness. Do we forget how a teamster was screwed by his fellow union teamsters a few years ago, do you remember he had an accident on his motorcycle? When the insurance policy was opened, it exposed that all teamsters were sold a bad policy. Teamsters that went fishing in their own boats were also not covered. Yes, someone has to kill OBAMACARE and then we need an open debate on healthcare in this country without the government involved. The Congressman that I am running against voted to steal 500 Billion Dollars from Medicare. Should he be re-elected to steal again?

No, we should not subsidize Ethanol. Again I know something about this subject. In stock car racing, most cars use ethanol because it burns cooler than gasoline, but ethanol burns at twice the rate of gasoline. So, when there is a 100 lap race, these racers will change over to gasoline, because they just can’t make that many pit-stops and expect to win a race. (I should add, this applies to local racing and this answer should not be confused with the conditions in NASCAR or CART racing). We should not be burning food for energy.

Marriage Is one man and one woman. All statistics will show that the best situation for any children is a father and a mother. No matter where a person’s position in life may be, no matter how poor or rich, their lives will be better if they marry someone of the opposite sex, stay married for a lifetime and stay off drugs and liquor. Living a Judeo-Christian lifestyle is a plus.

The Education department was created in 1979 by President Carter. Please have someone tell me the great progress this Department has created? Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind? Quite frankly, get the federal government out of the education business. It is an utter waste of money. Let the parents, local school boards and teachers take care of the education in the local areas. And end the federal government control over the student loan program.

There is a need for government, but at the lowest rate of regulation just to keep everyone honest. Corruption in government does change the equation. Remember greater regulation leads to more corruption. Just take a look at the rest of the countries in this world.

Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of the 20th century. He won the ‘cold war’ or World War III without firing a shot. The truth is the truth. The Soviet Union was evil. President Reagan refused to meet with any soviet leader that was not elected. He stuck to his guns and refused to meet three soviet leaders. Finally, Gorbachev was selected by the Soviet Politburo, and President Reagan met with him. We have to remember that President Reagan stuck to his beliefs and walked out of a bad agreement with Gorbachev in Iceland. We also have to remember that the newspapers, the radio stations and the television networks did not respect President Reagan. They considered him a B rated actor, that he was dumb, that he was not worldly. Not until his death, did they ever show one shred of respect for Ronald Reagan. Let’s not forget that he turned the economy around, came up with solutions for Social Security, lowered taxes and made Americans proud again.

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