Cuba Gooding Should School Speaker Boehner on Dealing with Tim Geithner


If only Cuba Gooding could school Boehner and McConnell on what they should be asking of Treasury Secretary Geithner. I can add the stiffs like Britt Hume and Bret Baird of FNC to the mix of people Cuba Gooding could school. It saddens me that so many establishment people are taking Tim Geithner at his word about paying our federal debt. Why is it a secret how much money is in the US Treasury? I am not one who believes we have not already authorized more money to be paid out than we have, but how much more? What new spending can the US Congress refuse to authorize? There are no good reasons why this information can not be forthcoming from Geithner. The problem is that the government has refused to cut spending and live within the smaller revenues our high unemployment is generating. The money is on the sidelines and not being invested in job creation because there is so much fear and uncertainty about what the US government is doing. For over 800 days the US Senate has not passed a budget. For us to keep our Republic it is necessary for the US Senate as well as the US House to pass a budget that a US President signs. We need a moratorium from new job killing regulations being promulgated by all of the US programs and departments. If these things occur, then the certainty and confidence will return. Only then are the private sector investors going to start creating jobs.

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