GOP Presidential Candidates - Do Not Be Apologists

On June 13th, the next major GOP Presidential debates will take place in New Hampshire. The moderators and panel who are asking the questions are no friends to these GOP candidates. They have a vested interest in Obama winning reelection. He can not run on his record. The economy, since he got elected, is worse than it has ever been. The only thing he can hope for is that the GOP will be too divided. He also hopes the candidates will say that things were also real bad with those big spending Republicans before Obama got elected. Do not do it. Do not accept the premise when the question is asked. I wish they would be like Fred Thompson, who in 2008, refused to participate in any show of hands requests from a panelist. You do not need to make any apologies for any thing that happened under Pres. Bush, because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have caused much more harm than anything ever done before to this nation. In 2010, we rid ourselves of Speaker Pelosi four years after she took the speaker’s gavel. In 2012, we must rid ourselves of Obama and Reid.

One thing to remember about Federal fiscal years is that they cover the future year, and not the current one. For example, an election that is held in November of 2012 and winners sworn into office in January of 2013 will be responsible for the FY 2014 spending. Now take a look at the spending graph of spending from FY 1984 thru FY 2007. You will notice a slight slowing of total spending during the last 12 years of that graph (1996-2007, when The GOP was the House majority), but the spending still increased each year. Now take a look at the spending graph of spending from FY 1948 thru FY 2013. You may be able to make out a tiny slowing around FY 1954 when the GOP was the House majority for two years and 1972 when the GOP had the WH with Nixon, but the spending steadily goes up. Then around 2008 the spending just spikes sharply up. That is something even the folks who have not been interested in politics are noticing. Something major is going on. History provides us with an example of a spending spike like this. The last time it occurred our nation was fighting WWII, and we destroyed and dismantled the Axis powers of Germany and Japan. This time, I’m concerned that the spike indicates a fight to destroy and dismantle the US, and transform it from the principles that it was founded on. We can not let this happen. Sarah Palin made a self-evident statement

I want to make sure America is put back on the right track and we only do that by defeating Obama in 2012.

We need to make it so, and we start toward doing that by not being apologists. We must refuse to accept the Left’s premises inherent in every question they ask.   It’s called taking charge of the message.  The real GOP message, not the MSM’s cloaked words.

Total Spending from 1984 thru 2007

Total Spending from 1948 thru 2013

Total spending when FDR was President

Total Spending for when George W Bush and Obama are President

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