Wonderful Happenings From Some Statehouses

Wonderful things are already happening in four of the seven statehouses that I am keeping my eyes on. The four are New Mexico, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida. While I see nothing especially wonderful to report about Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Iowa so far, I will remain vigilant. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez impressed Rush enough for him to talk about her today.

APNewsBreak: Martinez halts environmental rules The Martinez administration contends that canceling the publication of the rules is necessary to comply with an executive order issued by Martinez on her first day in office that halts all pending regulations by executive agencies to determine whether they hurt businesses in New Mexico.

The order also directs agencies to review rules and regulations that are in place and determine by the end of the month which ones should be scrapped to improve economic development and job growth. According to state law, a rule filing with the state records office can be canceled by the agency, commission or board that adopted and issued the regulations in the first place. In the case of the greenhouse gas reduction rules, that would be the Environmental Improvement Board.

Martinez dismissed the entire board on Tuesday, saying their services were no longer needed. It was not immediately clear when she planned to announce her own appointments to the board. She noted that the EIB moved forward after state lawmakers rejected a similar proposal during the legislative process and that a majority of the board members were “more interested in advancing political ideology than implementing common sense policies.”

Gov. Susana Martinez cuts Cabinet pay Ms. Martinez said Wednesday that all members of her Cabinet will earn less than their predecessors, a move that will vary depending on an individual’s position.

Overall, Ms. Martinez says she will cut her administration’s pay by an estimated 10 percent.

Governor-elect John Kasich cuts Lottery Commission employees, many with Democratic ties Governor-elect John Kasich fired 16 at the Ohio Lottery Commission. Kasich this week also dismissed 14 people from the Department of Natural Resources, nearly three dozen from the Department of Transportation, a dozen from the Department of Taxation and three dozen from the Department of Development. Also gone is labor relations specialist William Newsome, a long-time Democratic Party operative.

Wis. gov doesn’t want state workers at new agency The new public-private entity that Gov. Scott Walker wants to replace the Wisconsin Department of Commerce would employ no unionized state workers, even though most of the agency’s employees are union members, according to a proposal the governor unveiled Thursday.

The plan is another salvo in an ongoing battle between Walker and unions that represent roughly 39,000 state workers. Walker is seeking concessions from the workers to help balance a state budget expected to be $3 billion short. He’s also talked about cutting vacant state positions and seeking more unpaid furlough days.

Rick Scott grounds state planes, says drive or fly commercial With the state facing a $3.5-billion budget shortfall, Scott calls the $2.4-million budget for the aircraft pool a waste of money and selling the planes a boost to the anemic bottom line. It will also eliminate 10 state jobs.

Rick Scott’s stance on vouchers scares teachers The vouchers-for-all proposal put out by his transition team has the state teachers unions in a panic. The Florida Education Association claims it could start an exodus of students into private schools.

The union apparently has such little confidence in its teachers that it fears families will flee in masse from them if not held captive.

Rush Limbaugh summed up what is happening quite well today.

We have a group of people that ran for office saying they’re gonna do X and Y and they start out doing X, Y, and Z. They’re committed, and they know that they’re gonna get an excrement sandwich every day from the media, and an anal exam, but they’re prepared to deal with it. And once this stuff starts happening, more and more freedom and liberty is gonna be breaking out all over the country at state and county, even city levels.

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