7 Statehouses To Keep An Eye On

In a few weeks a lot of attention is going to be paid to what the new GOP majority House does, and how the White House and the Dem majority Senate will react. This is understandable, but for the long run attention should also be paid to what happens in some statehouses. There are actions with serious consequences that happen outside of Washington, DC. This long view is reflected in the just released US census that shows people voting with their feet over the past 10 years by migrating to states where they paid less for food, fuel, and shelter, and found employment. The way these states were governed had a lot to do with the evident advantages that existed there.

The seven Statehouses that I am going to pay close attention to are located in Oklahoma, South Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Florida. All of these states are changing from a Democrat to a Republican Governor except for Florida and South Carolina. It is one thing to make speeches and win an election, but the really important accomplishments are yet to occur. What you accomplish during the period you are governing are what counts the most. If you are a conservative Governor you are going to take a lot of heat from the left and the MSM. You will take even more heat if you are a conservative woman, and even more still if you are not white. The left are fond of the “emerging Democratic majority” thesis, which basically holds that demographic changes in the electorate will soon obviate many of our political cleavages, push the Republican Party to the left, and return the Democratic Party to its rightful place of prominence. The left believes that because “non-white voters,” college educated women, college kids, etc., are growing, sooner or later the Democratic positions are going to win out. Jay Cost does an excellent job with statistics in this Weekly Standard article to destroy this lefty meme. The people in the videos below will be destroying this lefty meme when they govern successfully. Unless you live in the state many of you may have never heard of these Lt. Governors. They have obtained an elected office that could serve as a springboard in the next 10 years to be elected to Governor or US Senate. The Governors in the vids could in the next 10 years be considered candidates for President or Veep. It all will depend on how well they perform in the near future. This is why I am going to keep an eye on these seven statehouses.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez

Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor

Iowa Lt Governor Kim Reynolds

Wisconsin Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

Florida Lt Governor Jennifer Carroll

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