My Worst and My Best Congress

It is an easy call on this last 111th Congress being the worst Congress ever. What this liberal writer calls the major accomplishments are more like a list of the major damages this Congress did to us. I can understand anyone not wanting to read a liberal writer’s list of major accomplishments of the 111th Congress, but let me translate some of them.

  • If I hire a woman she can sue me at any time for pay discrimination with no statute of limitations. It’s the same as committing a homicide.
  • The children of a family earning $63,000 per year get covered on the S-Chip Federal program.
  • $819 billion dollars Stimulus Bill was passed that failed to stimulate.
  • The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act designated millions of acres of federal land as wilderness, thus making 1.2 million acres of Wyoming range land with large deposits of natural gas and oil off limits to oil and natural gas developers.
  • FDA was given the authority to regulate tobacco like it is a controlled substance.
  • The Justice Department was given the power to investigate and prosecute, and to pre-empt local police when too little had been done about the hate crimes.
  • The Federal Government completely took over federally guaranteed student loans from banks.
  • They created a new fourth major entitlement by passing Obamacare that controls how I get health care.
  • They created a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will control all money transactions by banks and financial departments.

In this Holiday season I try to recall when I enjoyed good times in my life. I try to recall a time when the ruling class politicians in DC were not doing so much damage to our nation. I try to recall when I could enjoy life without worrying about everything they were doing in the US Capitol being of major consequence to me. After thinking about it for a while, I have decided that the 105th Congress is the best Congress for me to date. I have hope that a future Congress one day will be even better.

The 105th Congress was elected on November 1996, and held office from January 1997 to January 1999. This is the Congress after the one that shut down the government for 21 days and before the one that impeached President Bill Clinton. Overall, the 105th Congress accomplished little. The number of bills actually passed were few, and most of those were of little impact. The primary real accomplishment was the balanced budget agreement. With the economy humming and the electorate seemingly disengaged, the Republican majority in this Congress were feeling less pressure to show tangible results when they stood for reelection in 1998. Even Republicans in tough re-election races were not clamoring for more accomplishments to run on. Here is a list of major accomplishments of the 105th Congress.

  • Balanced Budget Act of 1997
  • Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
  • Savings Are Vital to Everyone’s Retirement Act of 1997
  • Iraq Liberation Act of 1998

This Congress started a string of four years in a row when there was a federal budget surplus instead of a federal deficit for each fiscal year. In 1997 the Dow rose 20 percent for the third straight year. Merrill Lynch ranked as the third largest retail and institutional money manager in the world with more than $610 billion in assets under management. On a broader basis, Merrill Lynch also became at the end of 1997 the first brokerage firm to have more than $1 trillion in customer assets.

I had more time during this period to enjoy some things that had nothing to do with politics. I enjoyed the home-run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. I enjoyed going to a theater to watch Saving Private Ryan. Good Times…Good Times

I have photos of leaders of this Congress below, and some were no longer leaders in future Congresses. The forces on the left did everything they could dig up to try and personally destroy them. The politics of personal destruction was in full bloom. The Republican leaders of future congresses became bent on playing “Let’s Make a Deal” to have everybody promise to support their campaign for re-election in return for any favors they would do for them. When there were no longer any principles they held dearly enough to risk losing their seat is when they lost their way. I hope that the new Republican members of the House will understand that we really do not want to contact their office all the time and depend on them all the time to live a good life. Sometimes we just want the government off our back. I know that events can happen beyond our control, for example terrorist acts, that require the US Congress to react and be of extreme consequence to me. I just do not want a Congress to be of extreme consequence to my receiving health care and doing any financial transactions.

Enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with family and friends. Take a little time to reflect on when you enjoyed good times.

Newt Gingrich  Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

Dick Armey  Majority Leader of the House Dick Armey

Trent Lott  Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott

Don Nickles  Senate Majority Whip Don Nickles

John Kasich  Chairman of the House Budget Committee John Kasich

Bill Archer  House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer

Bill Roth  Senate Finance Committee Chairman Bill Roth

Pete Domenici  Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete Domenici

SosaMcguire  Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire

Saving Private-Ryan  Tom Hanks as Captain John H. Miller in Saving Private Ryan

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