Have Your Congress Critters Been Naughty Or Nice To Small Business?

Check the Facts on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) “Small Business Scorecard for the 111th Congress“. The map is here

For the 111th Congress, SBE Council has scored members of the U.S. Senate on 27 key votes. Members who scored 90%-100% are “Champions of the Entrepreneur.” Those scoring 80%-89% are “Advocates of the Entrepreneur,” and Members scoring 70%-79% are “Friends of the Entrepreneur” designation. None of the D members scored high enough for any of these designations. All of the R members scored high enough. 35 Rs are Champions, 3 are Advocates, and 3 are Friends. Looking at the 112th Congress, there are 16 of these 111th members who are not returning. Of these 16, 5 are Champions, 1 is an Advocate, 1 is a Friend, and 9 met none of these designations. I am hoping that the 13 of the 16 replacements as Republicans will be Champions. Perhaps a new D member, Manchin of WV will score high enough in the Scorecard for the 112th to be in one of these designations. I will not count on it. I am grateful that there is an advocacy organizatiion like SBE Council to crunch out these kinds of scorecards. They also did a scorecard on members of the US House and scored it on 22 key votes in the US House. Members of the US Senate and US House should realize the votes they take will be watched much more closely and will be much more important than their rhetoric.

Change of Guard in the 112th Congress US Senate
State Former Senator Designation New Senator
Arkansas Blanche Lincoln(D) none (31) John Boozman(R)
Connecticut Chris Dodd(D) none (19) Dick Blumenthal(D)
Delaware Ted Kaufman(D) none (4) Chris Coons(D)
Florida George LeMieux(R) Champion (100) Marco Rubio(R)
Illinois Roland Burris(D) none (11) Mark Kirk(R)
Indiana Evan Bayh(D) none (48) Dan Coats(R)
Kansas Sam Brownback(R) Champion (100) Jerry Moran(R)
Kentucky Jim Bunning(R) Champion (100) Rand Paul(R)
Missouri Kit Bond(R) Champion (92) Roy Blunt(R)
New Hampshire Judd Gregg(R) Advocate (88) Kelly Ayotte(R)
North Dakota Byron Dorgan(D) none (19) John Hoeven(R)
Ohio George Voinovich(R) Friend (73) Rob Portman(R)
Pennsylvania Arlen Specter(D) none (37) Pat Toomey(R)
Utah Bob Bennett(R) Champion (96) Mike Lee(R)
West Virginia Carte Goodwin(D) incomplete Joe Manchin(D)
Wisconsin Russ Feingold none (26) Ron Johnson(R)

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