Looking For Signs of Good News

I am looking real hard for signs of good news. Signs that indicate an opportunity for the US to recover from the assault that has been occurring on our market based economy. I was looking for them in all the wrong places. It was an error on my part to look for them in Washington, DC. The conservative media hosts were all trumpeting how a big wave election had just occurred. The American voters had spoken loud and clear in rejecting the way things have been going on in Washington, DC. After reflecting on it for a while I see that the Republican Party now has a sizable majority in the US House. We do not have a majority in the US Senate and we do not have the Presidency. The GOP leadership in both House and Senate remain the same. Only 6 of the 24 GOP Senators are new to Washington, DC. Only 3 of the other 18 are reliable conservatives. You can tell from what I have written so far that I am pessimistic, and I want to be be an optimist.

I decided to look in other places for signs of good news. I live in Texas, and I really appreciate Governor Rick Perry’s comments he has made when he was interviewed about his latest book, Fed Up.

I hope somebody will stand up in the course of the next 18 months and proclaim, ‘I want to be the president of the U.S. and go to Washington and make it as inconsequential in your lives as I can. Texas Governor Rick Perry

This comment reminded me of something that one of my favorite conservative journalists, Jonah Goldberg said a few years ago. I let Google be my friend, and I found it.

Lasting reform would reduce the incentive to spend money on politicians in the first place. Lobbyists would have no reason to pester and bribe a government that minded its own business. Microsoft and Wal-Mart, for example, spent virtually nothing on lobbying Washington until Washington began treating them like pinatas. conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg

I really like the attitude and behavior that both Governor Rick Perry and Jonah Goldberg are describing. I also take heart in the people who are leaving Washington, DC to serve as Governor of their home state. I very much prefer that to the folks who leave the US Congress but remain in Washington, DC as a lobbyist. In 2010 we have 3 members of the US House and one member of the US Senate and one former House member and DC lobbyist who have won election as Governor. Before 2010 we had two other US House members and two DC lobbyists to get elected as Governor. I have their names and photos listed below. Some of these people are considered potential GOP candidates for US President in 2012. Some of the ones elected in 2010 were back benchers in the US Congress. I refuse to judge how they will be as a Governor solely on their accomplishments in the US Congress. The responsibilities and operations are completely different for a Governor. A Governor is more likely to see power closer to home is better than power centered in Washington, DC.

If you are like me, and the attention you have been paying to what is going on in Washington, DC depresses you instead of encourages, then I have a suggestion. Start looking in places other than Washington, DC for signs of good news. Look at Madison, Wisconsin, Columbus, Ohio, and Columbia, South Carolina. I am not so naive to think that every Governor is going to be a paragon of virtue. I also do not think every business will stop having their lobbyists pestering and bribing Washington, nor do I think every Washington politician will stop treating powerful successful businesses like pinatas. I do think the new good Governors can influence their Senators, and the 60+ new members of the US House can have an influence on what the old bulls try to get away with. I do not believe I will ever live in a perfect conservative Utopia, but I can see signs of good news when I look in the right places.

Nathan Deal   Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Neil Abercrombie  Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

Mary Fallin   Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Sam Brownback   Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

John Kasich   Ohio Governor John Kasich

Bobby Jindal   Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Mitch Daniels   Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Butch Otter   Idaho Governor Butch Otter

Haley Barbour   Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

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