Gang of 14 Governors Must Rein In Their US Senators

It did not take long for the euphoria of a wave election to wear off. All it took for me is one of the first things the US Senate did in the lame duck session. They passed a 1.4 Billion dollar food safety bill that virtually makes all food a controlled substance like vicoden by greatly expanding the powers of the FDA. It was passed with only 25 of the 42 Rs voting against it, 15 of the Rs voting for it, and two Rs not voting. It is way past time for some Republican Governors to exert heavy pressure on their US Senators.

I recently wrote about how much I am looking forward to DC gridlock. Perhaps I spoke too soon. There can still be gridlock, but now I think the impetus for it will have to start with Governors. US Senators act like they are free agents who do not have to represent like their colleagues in the House, and they do not have to account for their actions to anyone. Some Governors need to impress upon them that the money in campaign donations they get from big food or big pharma will not offset the wrath from the political apparatus the Governor can put against them in their reelection bid.

The problem is that so many of these US Senators will put their personal ambitions to grab more power in their position as a US Senator, and choose political expediency over a core principle of having the power closer to their home state instead of in DC. With that political calculus in mind I just selected a gang of 14 Governors. These 14 Governors are of the same political party as both of their US Senators. Some of this gang of 14 may have aspirations for becoming US President one day. The amount of pressure and influence they will put on their US Senators may be an early indicator of just how tough and strong they are. Trent Lott wrote the book on how trying to discipline 50 Senators is akin to herding cats. The Governors have only 2 instead of 50 to discipline.

Gang of 14 Governors

Robert Bentley   Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Jan Brewer   Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Nathan Deal   Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Butch Otter   Idaho Governor Butch Otter

Mitch Daniels   Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Sam Brownback   Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

Paul LePage   Maine Governor Paul LePage

Haley Barbour   Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

Mary Fallin   Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Nikki Haley   South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Bill Haslam   Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam

Rick Perry   Texas Governor Rick Perry

Gary Herbert   Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Matt Mead   Wyoming Governor Matt Mead

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