Can we elect a proven winner in 2012?

In 2008 the GOP candidate for President was picked by the moderates and the beltway establishment. The calendar of primaries and caucuses had the effect of keeping any conservative candidate from having any chance of getting some traction and winning. It was like American Idol process for winnowing down the field. We should have a better way to look at filling this job. Why don’t we look for someone who has experience winning election as Governor of a State and success as the State’s chief executive of having the lowest unemployment rate, the best economy, and the lowest net tax supported debt?

I let Google be my friend, and I found a ranking of the unemployment rates for states

  1. North Dakota 3.7%
  2. South Dakota 4.4%
  3. Nebraska 4.6%
  4. New Hampshire 5.5%
  5. Vermont 5.8%

I found a ranking of the best economy for states

  1. Texas
  2. New York
  3. North Dakota
  4. South Dakota
  5. Minnesota

I found a ranking of the lowest Net Tax-Supported Debt AS A % OF 2008 PERSONAL INCOME for states

  1. Nebraska 0.0
  2. Wyoming 0.2%
  3. Iowa 0.2%
  4. South Dakota 0.4%
  5. North Dakota 0.8%

I have provided a photo of the three Governors I think have been the most successful in putting their State on the right track instead of the wrong track for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These three are not well known inside the beltway. They do not appear on the Sunday morning talk shows. They do not travel to Washington with a hand out for Federal dollars and assistance. The few news stories have to do with them opposing more Federal taxes and interference in their State. I do not know if any of these three have any political aspirations to be President. Could someone ask them? Can we have an opportunity to elect a proven winner in 2012? It would be a wonderful change from what 2008 brought us.

John Hoeven  Senator-elect John Hoeven North Dakota

Governor Mike Rounds  former Governor Mike Rounds South Dakota

Governor Dave Heineman  current Governor Dave Heineman Nebraska

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