Thank You, Voters

On the morning after a historic mid-term election I sense a hangover feeling among some of my conservative friends. There are sad feelings that more conservative GOP tea party endorsed candidates did not win. A feeling that the voters got it wrong again, and the cup is half empty. Just stop feeling so blue, and pause to say thank you to the voters who got it right. The vicious smears duribg this last campaign went past just the candidates to the voters themselves. The voters had to put up with a lot of verbal abuse about not only candidates but also their intelligence. They endured and refused to have their enthusiasm dampened. I want to especially and specifically thank voters who chose to elect conservative instead of reelect their incumbent. I want to thank voters who elected conservatives who are also black and hispanic because these conservative candidates suffer additional abuse for their conservative principles compared to white conservatives. If there are voters I missed who you want to thank, then please post them in comments.

Thank you voters in South Carolina’s 1st district for electing Tim Scott to an open seat. Thank you voters in Florida’s 22nd district for electing Allen West instead of reelecting Ron Klein. Thank you voters in Florida for electing the state’s first Black female Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll.

Tim Scott  Allen West  Rick Scott for Florida, Rick Scott for Governor

Thank you voters in South Carolina’s 5th district for electing Mick Mulvaney instead of reelecting John Spratt. Thank you Missouri’s 4th district for electing Vicky Hartzler instead of reelecting Ike Skelton. Thank you Minnesota’s 8th district for electing Chip Cravaack instead of reelecting Jim Oberstar.

mick-mulvaney  VickyHartzler-Lamar  Captain Chip Cravaack

Thank you Florida voters for electing Marco Rubio to the open Senate seat. Thank you voters in Florida’s 25th for electing David Rivera to the open seat. Thank you voters in Idaho’s 1st district for electing Raul Labrador instead of reelecting Walt Minnick. Thank you Nevada voters for electing Brian Sandoval to the open Governor seat. Thank you New Mexico voters for electing Susana Martinez to the open Governor seat. Thank you voters in Texas’s 17th district for electing Bill Flores instead of reelecting Chet Edwards. Thank you voters in Texas’s 23rd district for electing Quico Canseco instead of reelecting Ciro Rodriguez. Thank you voters in Washington’s 3rd district for electing Jaime Herrera to the open seat.

Marco Rubio  david rivera  Raul Labrador  Brian_Sandoval_Attribution-Share_Alike_2.0_Generic  susana-martinez-new-mexico  flores-300x300  Quicocanseco  Jaime Herrera

Thank you South Carolina for election the state’s first Indian-American to the open Governor seat.

Nikki Haley

Thank you Ohio for electing John Kasich instead of reelecting Ted Strickland for Governor.


Thank you Arkansas for electing John Boozman instead of reelecting Blanche Lincoln for Senate. Thank you Wisconsin for electing Ron Johnson instead of reelecting Russ Feingold for Senate. Thank you Utah for electing Mike Lee instead of Bob Bennett for Senate.

Boozman  Ronjohnson  Mikelee

Thank you Alabama’s 2nd district for electing Martha Roby instead of reelecting Bobby Bright. Thank you Alabama’s 5th district for electing Mo Brooks instead of reelecting Parker Griffith.

Martha Roby  brooks

Thank you Arizona’s 1st for electing Paul Gosar instead of reelecting Ann Kirkpatrick. Thank you Arizona’s 5th for electing David Schweikert instead of reelecting Harry Mitchell.

paulgosar  DavidSchweikertAZ

Thank you Colorado’s 3rd district for electing Scott Tipton instead of reelecting John Salazar. Thank you Colorado’s 4th district for electing Cory Gardner instead of reelecting Betsy Markey.

scott tipton  Cory_Gardner

Thank you Florida’s 2nd district for electing Steve Southerland instead of reelecting Allen Boyd. Thank you Florida’s 8th for electing Daniel Webster instead of reelecting Alan Grayson. Thank you Florida’s 24th for electing Sandy Adams instead of reelecting Suzanne Kosmos.

southerland_profile  Pic-Daniel Webster  sandy-adams-pic

Thank you Georgia’s 8th district for electing Austin Scott instead of reelecting Jim Marshall.

Austin Scott

Thank you 8th district in Illinois for electing Joe Walsh instead of reelecting Melissa Bean. Thank you 11th district of Illinois for electing Adam Kinzinger instead of reelecting Debbie Halvorson. Thank you 17th distric of Illinois for electing Bobby Schilling instead of reelecting Phil Hare.

Walsh-Outside-Tryon-Fund-Raiser-4-8-10  adam-kinzinger-2  225px-BobbySchilling

Thank you Indiana’s 9th district for electing Todd Young instead of reelecting Baron Hill.


Thank you Michigan’s 7th district for electing Tim Walberg instead of reelecting Mark Schauer.


Thank you Mississippi’s 1st district for electing Alan Nunnalee instead of reelecting Travis Childers. Thank you Mississippi’s 4th district for electing Steve Palazzo instead of reelecting Gene Taylor.

Alan Nunnelee  Steve Palazzo

Thank you North Carolina’s 2nd district for electing Renee Ellmers instead of reelecting Bob Etheridge.

Renee Ellmers

Thank you North Dakota for electing Rick Berg instead of reelecting Earl Pomeroy for the House seat.


Thank you New Hampshire’s 1st district for electing Frank Guinta instead of reelecting Carol Shea Porter.


Thank you New Jersey’s 3rd district for electing Jon Runyan instead of reelecting John Adler.

Jon Runyan

Thank you New Mexico’s 2nd district for electing Steven Pearce instead of reelecting Harry Teague.


Thank you New York’s 13th for electing Michael Grimm instead of reelecting Mike McMahon. Thank you New York’s 19th district for electing Nan Hayworth instead of reelecting John Hall. Thank you New York’s 20th district for electing Chris Gibson instead of reelecting Scott Murphy. Thank you New York’s 24th district for electing Richard Hanna instead of reelecting Mike Arcuri.

michael grimm  Nan Hayworth  chrisgibson  Richard Hanna

Thank you Nevada’s 3rd district for electing Joe Heck instead of reelecting Dina Titus.


Thank you Ohio’s 1st district for electing Steve Chabot instead of reelecting Steve Driehaus. Thank you Ohio’s 6th district for electing Bill Johnson instead of reelecting Charlie Wilson. Thank you Ohio’s 15th district for electing Steve Stivers insteasd of reelecting Mary Jo Kilroy. Thank you Ohio’s 16th district for electing Jim Renacci instead of reelecting John Boccieri. Thank you Ohio’s 18th district for electing Bob Gibbs instead of reelecting Zach Space.

080218_chabot01  intro-bill-johnson-leads  steve stivers - web_172x150  Ohio Senate  Gibbs-Bob.widea

Thank you Pennsylvania’s 3rd district for electing Mike Kelly instead of reelecting Kathy Dahlkemper. Thank you Pennsylvania’s 8th district for electing Mike Fitzpatrick instead of reelecting Patrick Murphy. Thank you Pennsylvania’s 10th for electing Tom Marino instead of reelecting Chris Carney. Thank you Pennsylvania’s 11th for electing Lou Barletta instead of reelecting Paul Kanjorski.

kelly110  100124_fitzpatrick_ap_218  AJ_Election_Tom_Marino_05-20-2010_N9DRF8A  LouBarletta

Thank you South Dakota for electing Kristi Noem instead of reelecting Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for the House seat.

Noem in Legislature

Thank you Tennessee’s 4th district for electing Scott DesJarlais instead of reelecting Lincoln Davis.

Scott DesJarlais

Thank you Virginia’s 2nd district for electing Scott Rigell instead of reelecting Glenn Nye. Thank you Virginia’s 5th district for electing Robert Hurt instead of reelecting Tom Perriello. Thank you Virginia’s 9th district for electing Morgan Griffith instead of reelecting Rick Bouchard.

Rigell_Front Porch_2  Robert Hurt  morgan_griffith_log

Thank you West Virginia’s 1st district for electing David McKinley instead of reelecting Alan Mollohan.

David McKinley

Thank you Wisconsin’s 8th district for electing Reid Ribble instead of reelecting Steve Kagen.